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Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2013, No.36 December 25Who Has the Interests of the Health Service at Heart? An Injury to One Is an Injury to All!, Taking a Stand in Defence of the Right to Health Care, Oppose the Coalition’s Further Measures to Dismantle the Health Service: No Means No to Section 118!, University and college strikes and police violence on campus: Whose Universities? Our Universities! Who Decides? We Decide!

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2013, No.35 November 24-December 1 NHS England A&E Urgent and Emergency Care Review: Lay the Claims in Defence of AE Services, Hospital and Community Services, Commentary: The Government “Refreshes” its “Mandate” to Take the NHS Further in an Anti-Social Direction and Abrogate its Responsibility, Scottish Government publishes White Paper on independence: For a Modern Sovereign Scotland! Scotland Must Decide its Own Future!, Unions Co-ordinate Strike and Further Action in the Universities, Government Accused of Cover-Up over Fraud Allegations at Bradford Free School, Ongoing Destabilisation Attempts in Venezuela ahead of December Elections.

Long Live the Memory of Our Comrade John Buckle

Comment of RCPB(ML) on the Brixton “Slavery” Matter

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2013, No.34 Saturday November 2 Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign Wins Appeal – The Fight to Safeguard the NHS Goes On!, Jeremy Hunt Brazenly Carries Forward the “Reconfiguration” of London NHS Services, What Was Said: Lewisham Hospital and the House of Commons, Debate: Changes to Health Services in London, For Your Information: Trust Special Administrators, Amendment to the Care Bill, Currently in House of Commons, Fighting to Safeguard the Future of the NHS, Co-ordinated Strike Action by University Staff and Students, October 31.

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2013, No.33 Sunday October 27 Defend the Rights of All! Immigration Bill Passes Second Reading, Workers' Movement: Royal Mail Postal Workers' Strike, The Fight for a Postal Service that Fulfils the Need of Society and the Social Economy, Privatisation of Royal Mail: Seizing Control of the Value Created by Postal Workers, For Your Information: Who Benefits!, The Battle for the Future Direction of the NHS: Public Meeting Held on Defending Jobs and Services at Whipps Cross Hospital, Changing the Direction on the Funding of the NHS is Central to the Struggle to Safeguard its Future, Anti-War Movement: Hands Off Syria! British Government and Its Allies Continue to Demand Regime Change in Syria.

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2013, No.32 Saturday October 19 Defence of Lewisham Hospital Is Defence of the Whole NHS!, NUT and NASUWT Teachers’ Strike Actions, Commentary: Teachers Taking a Stand Together to Protect Teachers and Defend Education.

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2013, No.31 Saturday October 12 Lobbying Bill Passes Third Reading, The Battle for the Future Direction of the NHS: TUC Manchester Demonstration at Conservative Party Conference: Demonstrators Take Stand with the Interests of the Working Class and People, Dr Louise Irvine, Chair of the Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign, Addresses the Demonstration, Victory for Lewisham Hospital! The Fight Goes On!, Militant Protest at Royal London Hospital against Huge Attacks across Barts Health NHS Trust, Hunt Blocks Health Workers’ 1% Pay “Rise”, Celebrating the 68th Anniversary of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2013, No.30 Saturday October 5 Lobbying Bill: An Attack on the Organised Workers’ Movement and on the Right to Participate in Politics, Conservative Party Conference 2013: Fight to Defend the Rights of All: Conservative Conference Demonstrates Racist Character of Ruling Elite, The Workers’ Opposition Must Fight For a Right to a Livelihood For All!, Summary of the Progress of Bills through Parliament, Misrepresentations of UNSC Resolution 2118: The British Government Must Cease all Interference in Syria and End its Disinformation.

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2013, No.29 Saturday September 28 Miliband’s One Nation Labour Cannot Settle Scores with “Austerity” Workers' Movement - TUC Congress 2013 The Fight against Royal Mail Privatisation Defend Existing Defined Pensions! Fight for Decent Pensions for All! Commentary: The Labour Party and Britain’s “Global Role” Save Our NHS March and Rally

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2013, No.28 Saturday September 14-21 The Tasks of the Working Class Movement in the Wake of the TUC Congress 2013, TUC General Secretary Frances O'Grady's address to Congress 2013: For A New Economy that Puts the Interests of Working People at its Heart, From the 2013 TUC Congress: The Future of the NHS, The Battle for the Future Direction of the NHS: Who Has the Interests of the Health Service at Heart?, Open Letter: To all NHS health authorities and bodies in Waltham Forest, From the Press: Barts Suspends Union Leader as 1,000 Staff Compete to Keep Jobs Hands Off Syria!

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2013, No.27 Saturday September 7 TUC Congress 2013: The Vital Question Facing the Working Class Movement: To Take a Stand for the Alternative!, Hands Off Syria!: Stand against Warmongering and the Use of Force for Regime Change!, Rally: No war on Syria, Joyous 65th Anniversary of the Founding of the DPRK.

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2013, No.26 Saturday August 31 Take Up the Struggle For An Anti-War Government: No to the Warmongering of the British Government and its Allies under the Cloak of High Ideals!, The Battle for the Future Direction of the NHS: Celebrations and Vigilance over the Lewisham Hospital, Victory High Court Quashes Decision by Jeremy Hunt to Close Lewisham Hospital, A Victory for Lewisham Hospital! A Victory for Everyone!, Comnetary: No to the Imposition of Tribunal Charges – Take the Fight Forward for Genuine Employment Rights, The Colonial Occupation of Gibraltar Must End.

In Memoriam Ajmer Singh Bains

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2013, No.25 Saturday July 27 60th Anniversary of the Defeat of US-led Forces in the Korean War: Historic Anniversaries of the Korean People, High Time for the British Government to End its Hostility and Provocations towards the DPRK, Congratulations on the Great Victory in the Fatherland Liberation War.

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2013, No.24 Saturday July 20 Strengthening the Mass Character of the Workers’ Organisations, To Act in a New Way to Turn this into a Powerful Force to Change Society!

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2013, No.23 Saturday July 13 The Necessity to Fight for a Change in the Direction of Society! Call of the Northern Region of RCPB(ML) on the Occasion of the 129th Durham Miners Gala and Big Meeting, Review of RCPB(ML)'s Interventions in the Durham Miners Gala: The Struggle to Give Rise to the Independent Programme of the Working Class.

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2013, No.22 Sunday July 7 Justice for Lewisham Week.

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2013, No.21 Saturday June 29 Success to the People’s Commission!, Osborne’s Government Spending Review: No to Austerity! Fight for the Alternative!, Spending Review Pensions Bill receives Second Reading: The Right to a Decent Standard of Living in Old Age Must Be Guaranteed!, Unconstitutional Shock-and-Awe Closure of the Greek State Broadcaster ERT.

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2013, No.20 Saturday June 22 G8 Summit: Furthering the Aims of the Monopolies in the Face of Increasing Exposure and Division, The G8 and Syria: Hands Off Syria! No to Big Power Aggression!, Whose NHS? Our NHS! The Hunt for Hunt.

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2013, No.19 Saturday June 15 The Significance of the Workers’ Party of Korea in the Advances of the Korean People, The Sensationalisation of So-Called “Gagging Orders”.Government’s Continuing Attempts to Justify Crimes of the Past.

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2013, No.18 Saturday June 8Safeguard the Future of the NHS, NHS “Case for Change”: Something Has to Change! Fight for an Alternative Direction for the NHS! The Scandal of Out Of Hours Services

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2013, No.17 Saturday June 1 Unity in Defence of the Rights of All

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2013, No.16 Sunday May 19 Thousands Militantly Demonstrate in Defence of the NHS

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2013, No.15 Sunday May 12 2013-14 legislative programme: Crude Declaration of Brutal Stepping Up of the Anti-Social Offensive and Austerity Agenda.

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2013, No.14 Monday May 6 Demonstrating Unity in Action on May Day!, First National "Ground the Drones" Demonstration at RAF Waddington, Margaret Thatcher and the Ideology of the Anti-Social Offensive: The Fight for the Alternative Is on the Agenda.

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2013, No.13 Wednesday May 1May Day 2013: Unite for a Change in Direction for Society!, May Day Events 2013

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2013, No.12 Saturday April 27 In Memoriam - Oliver Ronald (Ron) Dorman, Unison Health Care Conference: Unison's Health Care Conference in Glasgow, Commentary - Stand of the Organised Health Workers – Keep on Fighting, Never Be Reconciled to Defeat!, Very Successful Public Meeting Held by Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign, Who Is Putting Patient Care First? Hunt Has “Very Serious” Questions to Answer, Tens of Thousands in Support Stafford Hospital March, Health Care Is a Right! Waltham Forest Intercare Services Should Not Be Put Out to Tender!, Demonstration - Defend London's NHS, The G8 – an anachronism, a means for external interference and a major factor for global conflict and instability: No to the G8!, For a Future without War! Silence Is Shame for April Published, Who Wants War and Who Wants Peace on the Korean Peninsula? The DPRK Defends Its Dignity and Honour, Note to Our Readers.

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2013, No.10/11 Saturday March 30 - April 6 Budget 2013: Stop Paying the Rich! Increase Investments in Social Programmes!, The Need for Independent Working Class Thinking on the Economy, Building Resistance against Austerity: Scores of Thousands Stage Budget Day Strike, The Three-Month Programme of Action against Austerity, Organise to Defend the Rights of the Vulnerable! Brutal Changes in State Welfare, For Your Information: The Assault on the Rights of the Vulnerable, Lobby of Parliament: No to the Section 75 Regulations! No to the Privatisation of the Health Service!, Building the alternative in education: Teachers Oppose the Imposition of Gove’s National Curriculum, Rally for Education - Pay Rallies in April and May 2013, Scotland Must Decide Its Own Direction for the Future! Cameron Attempts to Impose His Warmongering Neo-Liberalism on the Scottish People.

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2013, No.9 Saturday March 23 The 10th Anniversary of the Invasion of Iraq, The Battle for the Future Direction of the NHS: No Privatisation of the NHS! - Fighting to Look after the Social and Health Care Needs of Everyone, Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign says ‘No to privatisation of the NHS!’ and ‘Stop the Section 75 Regulations!’, What Is Being Said, FYI: The Section 75 Regulations, Oliver Ronald (Ron) Dorman.

Long Live the Legacy of President Hugo Chávez

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2013, No.8 Saturday March 9 Education Is A Right!: Oppose Gove’s Programme to Dismantle the Education System, Letter to the editor: Save Lewisham Hospital – The Fight Continues!, International Women’s Day 2013: Women’s Security and Future Lie in the Fight for the Rights of All!

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2013, No.7 Saturday March 4 The demand for the delegated legislation to be withdrawn: Repeal the Health and Social Care Act in Full, Sussex students stage occupation against privatisation of services, demanding a say and accountability: Support the Sussex University Occupation!, Fight for An Anti-War Government! Anglo-American Imperialism: Champion of Interference, Intervention and War, Stop the War Meetings on “The New Scramble for Africa”, EU and US Free Trade Agreement.

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2013, No.6 Saturday February 23No to Britain’s Pretexts for Imperialist Penetration of Africa: “Need for Greater Political Momentum in Mali” A Cloak for Military, Economic and Political Intervention, Stop the War Coalition international conference: Confronting War Ten Years On, Rally to mark the 10th anniversary of the February 15th London mass demonstration opposing the attack on Iraq: For a Future Without War!, Militant Save Our Services Demonstration through Newcastle on February 16, Friends of Korea Meeting Takes Stand in Defence of Sovereignty of DPRK.

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2013, No.5 Saturday February 9 Tenth Anniversary of Historic February 15 Two-Million March, Right to the Peaceful Use of Space: DPRK’s Exercise of its Right Is a Battle for Defending Sovereignty.

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2013, No.4 Saturday February 2 Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign Determined to Fight On until Victory!, Press Release Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign: Hunt Condemns Lewisham Hospital Services to Premature Death, Andy Burnham's Speech to the Kings Fund: Labour Party's “One Nation” Approach to the NHS Is Not the Alternative, International News: Britain and the New Scramble for Africa, Antartic Bill: Beware Britain’s Claims in the South Atlantic.

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2013, No.3 Wednesday January 29 Mass Demonstration to Safeguard the Future of Lewisham Hospital, Video and Photos of the Save Lewisham Hospital Demonstration, Press Statement from Lewisham Healthcare NHS Trust, Illegitimate Austerity Programme: Government’s Ending of Independent Living Allowance “Cruel and Costly”, Royal Consent: A Further Exposure of Executive Power which Shows the Need for a Modern Constitution.

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2013, No.2 Wednesday January 23 Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign: All Out for the January 26 Demonstration!, Time for a New Direction for the NHS! Building Resistance and Organisation in the Health Service is Key, Save Lewisham Hospital Factsheet, For Your Information: Debate in the House of Commons on November 28, 2012, on the NHS Unsustainable Provider Regime, International: No to Britain’s Intervention in Mali.

Workers' Weekly Internet Edition Year 2013, No.1 Saturday January 13 Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign: Health Care is a Right! A Victory at Lewisham Hospital is a Victory for Everyone!, The Wrecking of the NHS Cannot Be Accepted!, Video - Interview with Dr Louise Irvine, Socials to Set the Direction for 2013.

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