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WDIE Year 2000 No. 213, December 29An Important Theme of the National Consultative Conference 2000: Intervening in the Political Life of the Country.

WDIE Year 2000 No. 212, December 28The Challenge RCPB(ML) Accepts: Preparing for the Coming Revolutionary Storms is Decisive.

WDIE Year 2000 No. 211, December 27 National Consultative Conference 2000 Crystallises Party’s Tasks for Current Period.

WDIE Year 2000 No. 210, December 8 At the National Consultative Conference 2000: Making a Difference – In Defence of the Rights of All; Youth Curfews Announced in Queen's Speech.

WDIE Year 2000 No. 209, December 7 At the National Consultative Conference 2000: Taking Control of Our Future! Workers’ Weekly Youth Group; Experience of Making the Party’s Decisions One’s Own: Northern Regional Forum; Queen’s Speech Manifests Disturbing Direction of the Government; For Your Reference: List of Bills; For Your Information: Government’s Plans; National News: Higher Education Staff Take Action over Pay; National News In Brief: PFI Schemes Get Go-Ahead.

WDIE Year 2000 No. 208, December 6 At the National Consultative Conference 2000: Unity in Action; Nice Intergovernmental Conference: Who Will Win Out?

WDIE Year 2000 No. 207, December 5 At the National Consultative Conference 2000: Maximum Political Mobilisation; NHS Winter Plan: Why Should Not the Health Workers and Professionals, Together with the Community, Decide?; Jobs To Go at Important Midland Manufacturing Firm.

WDIE Year 2000 No. 206, December 4 At the National Consultative Conference 2000: Lessons in Implementing the Line of the 3rd Congress: Birmingham Branch; North East: Workers Oppose AMEC Demands for Cuts in the Wages and Holidays; Israel and Palestine: Coalition of Women for a Just Peace.

WDIE Year 2000 No. 205, December 1 The Death of Damilola Taylor: A Sorrow Born Out of the Marginalisation of the Communities; "Social Experiment or Social Responsibility?"; University Support Staff Strike; Iraq News In Brief; Suspend Three Contracts Let's Work Together to Globalise People's Self-Defence!; The World in Brief

WDIE Year 2000 No. 204, November 30 At the National Consultative Conference 2000: The Tasks of the Party in Intervening in the Political Life of the Country; Scottish Postal Workers Take Actions; Scotland News in Brief.

WDIE Year 2000 No. 203, November 29 At the National Consultative Conference 2000: The Challenge RCPB(ML) Accepts; "Law and Order" at the Heart of the Next Queen’s Speech; Health Care News; Central Europe News.

WDIE Year 2000 No. 202, November 28 Discussion: UN World Conference on Climate Change; Protests at UN Global Climate Conference; DPRK Accuses US of Deliberately Delaying Reactors; Worker Killed in Wall Collapse.

WDIE Year 2000 No. 201, November 27 At the National Consultative Conference 2000: The Line of Two Extremes and the Threat to Democracy; North East: Closure of Clothing Manufacturers in the Region; Postal Workers’ Actions; The Concerns of the Teaching Profession; Letter to the Editor

WDIE Year 2000 No. 200, November 23-24 Communiqué of the Sixth Plenum of the Central Committee of RCPB(ML); Government Continues to Champion EU Enlargement; Scotland News; International Action of Solidarity with the Cause of the Korean People; The World in Brief

WDIE Year 2000 No. 199, November 22 Both the "European Rapid Reaction Force" and NATO Serve Only the Interests of the Monopolies; NATO News in Brief; EU News in Brief; England Rugby Union Squad Strike for More Pay

WDIE Year 2000 No. 198, November 21 Further Exposure of the NHS Plan; Seventh Round of Strikes Against a PFI Staff Transfer in Dudley Group of Hospitals; Private Finance Initiative Regional Conference; Strikes in Ireland Gather Pace; Yugoslavia News: US to Tie Aid to Co-operation with UN Tribunal Yugolsavia Restores Ties with Four NATO States

WDIE Year 2000 No. 197, November 20 National Consultative Conference 2000: An Invitation to Participate

WDIE Year 2000 No. 196, November 17 Further Extending the Scope of PFI in the NHS; Workers Walkout at Postal Centre; Ford Workers Ballot to Save Dagenham; Meeting with Chancellor Schroeder: Tony Blair Continues Britain’s Offensive on the EU; The World in Brief

WDIE Year 2000 No. 195, November 16 Successful Student Demonstration: Grants Not Fees; The Israeli State Must Stop Its Brutality and End the Occupation of Palestinian Territory; News In Brief

WDIE Year 2000 No. 194, November 15 Grants Not Fees – Winning Together; For Your Reference: History of Grants and Fees

WDIE Year 2000 No. 193, November 14 Government Offensive on Europe: European Integration to Strengthen Role of British Finance Capital; Workers Vote against Rolls-Royce Plans; Protesters in Milan Resist Police Attacks

WDIE Year 2000 No. 192, November 13 British Government Continues Anti-Iraq Propaganda; Iraq Updates: Britain and US Unilateral Suspension of Contracts; Iraq’s Deputy Premier Calls on Arab League to Condemn British and US Sorties; Vladimir Putin Advocates Lifting Iraq Sanctions; Hain Back-Tracks on Criticism of French Iraq Policy; Iraq Says whether Bush or Gore Becomes US President Makes No Difference; British and US Jets Continue Bombing of Southern Iraq; British Flight to Baghdad to Protest against Sanctions; Car Monopoly News: Nissan to Delay Decision on Sunderland Plant; Daewoo Declared Bankrupt; From Our Ireland Correspondent: School Teachers Fight For Better Pay; Aer Lingus Workers to Vote on Pay Deal; Coming Events

WDIE Year 2000 No. 191, November 10 No Clear-cut Winner in US Election: US Democracy in Crisis; State Organises against Fuel Protestors; Anti-EU Picket against Prodi's Visit to Birmingham; Hackney Council in Crisis; Knowsley Council Workers to Ballot over Working Hours; News In Brief; The World in Brief.

WDIE Year 2000 No. 190, November 8-9 Pre-Budget Statement: Much Hype about False Choices; Rally in Stourbridge against PFI

WDIE Year 2000 No. 189, November 7 The Road of the October Revolution Remains the Path to the New Society; Northern Regional Forum Prepares for National Consultative Conference.

WDIE Year 2000 No. 188, November 6 On the National Consultative Conference, December 9-10: The Crystallisation of the Party’s Tasks; 1,000 demonstrate against PFI in Stourbridge; Meeting with Korea Truth Commission; Letter to the Editor: Jaguar Workers Are Taking an Active Stand; News In Brief.

WDIE Year 2000 No. 187, November 3 Will Consultation Guarantee the Livelihoods of the Welsh Workers?; Jaguar Workers Vote to Reject Pay Deal; Conversation with a Construction Worker; Hackney Council Financial Crisis

WDIE Year 2000 No. 186, November 2 NHS Concordat’s Broadening Scope; Fuel Protestors Plan Mass Convoy from Jarrow to London; Propaganda against the "Jarrow Crusade"; News of Job Losses: Rolls Royce to make 180 workers redundant in Derby; Alliance & Leicester to axe 1,500 jobs; News In Brief : Aer Lingus Strike Suspended; Arab League Condemns Continuing British-US Attacks on Iraq

WDIE Year 2000 No. 185, November 1 Rover Workers to Vote on Pay Deal in the Context of Further Pressure to Make the Company Successful; What Was Said at the Conference of Dudley Hospital Workers; NHS News In Brief: New Private Sector Partnership Put on Formal Footing; Dramatic Rise in Cost of Generic Drugs; Shortage of Beds in East Kent Causing Concern

WDIE Year 2000 No. 184, October 31 Now Is the Time to Seriously Discuss How to Safeguard the Future of the NHS; News In Brief: Plans to Cut Back NHS to "Life Critical" Service

WDIE Year 2000 No. 183, October 30 National Consultative Conference 2000 to Be Held on December 9-10; Dudley Workers Vote to Escalate Action; Demonstration of Dudley Hospital Workers against the PFI: Health Workers Defend their Interests by Defending the Interests of Society; News In Brief: NHS Crisis to Intensify this Winter; Aer Lingus Workers Stage Militant Action

WDIE Year 2000 No. 182, October 27 New Landing Ship and Sea Lift Capability Contracts; For Your Information: SNP on Govan Yard Orders; For Your Reference: Geoff Hoon’s Announcement; As Iraq Sanctions Crumble, The Opposition Builds!

WDIE Year 2000 No. 181, October 26 Britain’s Support for "Peacekeeping" Is Preparation for Further Armed Intervention in Africa; 50th Anniversary of Entry of Chinese People’s Volunteers in Korean War; DHKP-C and TKP(ML) Captives in Turkey's Prisons Start Hunger Strike; World in Brief Daily

WDIE Year 2000 No. 180, October 25 Desperation of Peter Hain’s Anti-Iraq Propaganda; Scottish Council Workers Vote to Continue their Strike Struggle; New Workplace Surveillance Laws Come into Effect; Madeleine Albright Leaves DPRK

WDIE Year 2000 No. 179, Ocober 24 Why Should the Workers Not Stand at the Head of the Struggle against High Fuel Prices, As with All the Movements of the People?; Kim Jong Il Meets with Madeleine Albright

WDIE Year 2000 No. 178, Octobe 23 London Regional Forum Takes Significant Decision

WDIE Year 2000 No. 177, October 20 A Sad Comment on Our Own Country; Britain to Open Diplomatic Relations with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea; News In Brief: Goodyear to Sack over 500 Workers; Vauxhall Cost Cutting Warning; Nissan Warns of Changing Suppliers; BA Spoils Hopes of Liberalisation Deal; RJB Talks Fail; Statements by the Communist Party of Israel

WDIE Year 2000 No. 175-6, October 18-19 Michelin Announcement Underlines that Workers Must Fight for their Interests; Speculation over Marks & Spencer Closures; Dudley Demonstration Update; From Our West Midlands Correspondent: Land Rover Hit by Lightning Strike, Business Car Forum in Birmingham; News In Brief; BG International Suspends Gaza Drilling Plans, Ford Prepares for Big Losses on European Operations; CWU to Oppose E-Mail Spies; Pan Africanist Congress of Azania Issues Appeal

WDIE Year 2000 No. 174, October 17 First in New Series of Meetings of the London Regional Forum on the Mass Party Press; Biarritz Summit: Contradictions of the European Powers Cannot Be Resolved; Another Europe for another world!

WDIE Year 2000 No. 173, October 16  Workers’ Weekly Youth Group Launches Youth and Students Web Page, Dudley Hospital Workers Hold Successful Conference on Fighting PFI, Impressive Progress of North-South Reconciliation Process Following the Inter-Korean Summit in Pyongyang, Call of WPK on its 55th Anniversary

WDIE Year 2000 No. 172, October 13 As the Brutal Suppression of the Palestinian Struggle Continues, UN Report: Workers Suffer Record Levels of Stress, Another Blow to Freedom of the Press in Turkey, The Campaign for Human Rights in Turkey, World In Brief

WDIE Year 2000 No. 170-1, October 11-12 Interference of the Imperialist Powers Perpetuating the Carnage in Middle East, Cuban Inspiration for Safeguarding the Future of the NHS, NHS News In Brief : Ambulance Responses Fall Short, Retired Nurses Called Back to Work, Philippine Recruits Relieve Pressure, News In Brief: Three-day Week at Massey, British Oil Monopolies’ Profits Hit 15-Year Peak

WDIE Year 2000 No. 169, October 10 Commemorating the Founding of the Workers’ Party of Korea, Summary of Report of Delegation of CC of RCPB(ML) which Visited the DPRK, Given at KFSC Commemoration

WDIE Year 2000 No. 168, October 9 Party in North East Holds Forum on the Mass Party Press, IWA (GB) Meeting in Coventry Celebrates October Revolution, News In Brief: London Underground Tube Workers: Picket Balfour Beatty, Lobby Greater London Assembly, Construction Safety Campaign

WDIE Year 2000 No. 167, October 6 Britain and the Big Powers Continue their Blatant Interference in Yugoslavia, Yugoslav News: Opposition Leader Seizes Control, Summary of News Agency Reports Leading Up to the Demonstrations, Blair – "Milosevic Must Respect The Will of the People and Go", Yugoslav Elections – A Lesson in Outside Interference, Federal Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Addresses a Memorandum to the UN Security Council

WDIE Year 2000 No. 166, October 5 Who Should Govern?, Danish People Vote NO to the Euro

WDIE Year 2000 No. 164-5, October 3-4 Human Rights Act: The Fight for a Modern Conception of Rights Must Be Taken to its Conclusion, For Your Reference: Articles of the European Convention on Human Rights Embodied in the Human Rights Act, Proton in Rover Talks with Phoenix, Elderly to Hold Public Meeting to Defend Social Programmes, Commemorating the Foundation of the Workers’ Party of Korea

WDIE Year 2000 No. 163, October 2 Demonstration and Rally against Inhuman Treatment of Asylum Seekers

WDIE Year 2000 No. 162, September 29 The Debate About Tax Cuts and Investments in Social Programmes: The Working Class Must Put Forward its own Agenda, People of Wolverhampton Fight to re-open Hospital, Midlands Farmers Struggle for Survival , News In Brief.

WDIE Year 2000 No. 161, September 28 Militant Protests Against IMF/World Bank summit in Prague, Women Amongst Lowest Paid, Euro Affects local Health Service

WDIE Year 2000 No. 160, September 27 Britain Must End its Interference in Yugoslavia, North East: Staff Strike at Newcastle College, More Cuts in Fire Service under PFI, West Midlands: Dudley Health Workers March Against PFI

WDIE Year 2000 No. 159, September 26 Labour Party Conference: What Choice is Gordon Brown Offering?, Dudley Hospital Workers Vote to Escalate Strike Action Against PFI

WDIE Year 2000 No. 158, September 25 Labour Party Conference: The Working Class Must Put Forward Its Own Alternative Programme, Workers' Weekly Health Group (WWHG) Commentary: The NHS Plan

WDIE Year 2000 No. 157, September 22 The Commonwealth and all Britain’s Neo-Colonial Ties Must be Brought to an End

WDIE Year 2000 No. 156, September 21 British and Swedish Governments Champion EU Enlargement, Scottish Council Workers Continue Strike Action, West Midlands: Goodyear Threatens Pay Cuts, Dudley Hospital Workers Step Up Actions Again

WDIE Year 2000 No. 155, September 20 Further Threats and Provocations Against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, News In Brief: Ex-Steel Town of Consett Facing Further Health Cuts

WDIE Year 2000 No. 154, September 19 Atmel to Buy Siemens Micro chip Plant: "Inward investment" Cannot Be the Basis for Creating a Modern Economy, Government Taskforce Does Not Address People’s Legitimate Grievances, National Demonstration - Asylum Rights Are Human Rights

WDIE Year 2000 No. 153, September 18 Support for UN ‘Peacekeeping’ Means Support for Armed Intervention Around the World, News In Brief: Fuel Protests Spread Throughout Europe

WDIE Year 2000 No. 152, September 15 Response of RCPB(ML) to the Electoral Commission Project Team, Nature on Organic Farming, Cuba Feeds the People Organically

WDIE Year 2000 No. 151, September 14 Government Treats People with Contempt! Who Should Decide?, Health Workers Convey Their Solidarity in the Fight against High Fuel Prices, Letter of Support from UNISON Gateshead Health Branch, News In Brief: Armed Forces Deployed, Tony Blair on National Crisis

WDIE Year 2000 No. 150, September 13 TUC CONGRESS: Who Is On Whose Side?, Round-up of Some of the Actions against Government’s Maintaining High Fuel Prices, Britain Must Get Out of Sierra Leone!, Students Brave Tear Gas in Chile, Call against Torture in Turkey

WDIE Year 2000 No. 149, September 12 TUC CONGRESS: The Working Class Must Defend Its Interests

WDIE Year 2000 No. 148, September 11 London Regional Forum on the Mass Party Press and Organisational Work, Dudley NHS Workers Hold Successful Rally, Millennium Summit ends with More Promises than Action, Fidel Castro on Shaking Hands with Clinton, Remembering Larkin 2000

WDIE Year 2000 No. 147, September 8 Security Council Resolution Out of Key with Thrust of Millennium Summit, The Threat to Scotland’s Water, MYANMAR, The Frankfurt Incident: The American Airlines Caught Lying, The 52nd Anniversary of the Founding of the DPRK, News In Brief: Thousands of Workers Denied Paid Holidays

WDIE Year 2000 No. 146, September 7 Scandalous Conduct by Tony Blair at Millennium Summit, Insulting and Hooligan Behaviour by US towards North Korean Delegation, Spokesman for President of DPRK Supreme People’s Assembly Interviewed in Frankfurt, UN Secretary-General Regrets Decision by Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Not To Attend Millennium Summit Following Airport Incident, Address By Dr. Fidel Castro Ruz, President of the Republic of Cuba - Millennium Summit, Speech By The Prime Minister The Rt Hon Tony Blair MP At The Millennium Summit Of The United Nations

WDIE Year 2000 No. 144-5, September 5-6 UN Millennium Summit: The Way to Peace in the World Is Not through Interventionist "Peace-Keeping" Forces, For Your Reference The Organisation of the Millennium Summit of the United Nations, Government Sends More Troops to Sierra Leone, North East: Cutbacks to Fire Service Continue, Letter to the Editor: What kind of health service do we want?

WDIE Year 2000 No. 143, September 4 Dudley Hospital Workers Step up Struggle against PFI, Fidel Castro to Lead Cuba’s Delegation to the UN Assembly and Summit in New York, Fidel Castro Warns of the Health Disaster Threatening the World, Unconverted Long-Term Prisoners Repatriated to North Korea.

WDIE Year 2000 No. 141-2, August 31-September 1 Support the Scottish Council Workers Strike and the Unity of the Scottish Workers!, Around Scotland: Some of the Actions of the Council Workers, News In Brief: Lightning Strike at Lloyds TSB, Imperialist Clinton Denies "Yankee Imperialism", Clinton Go Home!, Venezuelan President Gives Warning of Amazonian Vietnam, International Day of Mobilisation against Clinton’s Visit to Colombia.

WDIE Year 2000 No. 140, August 30 Clinton’s Visit to Africa: A Strategy to Foster Proxy States, News In Brief: Dudley NHS Staff Extend Action, Rover Faces "Fight for Survival", Warning of Further Job Losses in Coal Industry, Reader's Forum: No. 4: What Stand to Take on the European Union, Appeal for Justice for Cemal Cakmak

WDIE Year 2000 No. 139, August 29 London Regional Forum: The Mass Party Press and Organisational Work, The Fightback in Defence of Local Public Services, The Campaign For Human Rights In Turkey

WDIE Year 2000 No. 138, August 21-25, In Loving Memory Comrade Hardial Bains

WDIE Year 2000 No. 137, August 18 A Genuine Case of Humanitarian Intervention!, Breathing Castro's Dreams: 4,000 New Doctors, Dentists and Nurses Graduate in Cuba, Condemn Violation of Children's Rights and Demand the Lifting of Sanctions on Iraq, News In Briefs: Scottish Council Workers Vote to Strike, Urgent Action Called for over Cape plc

WDIE Year 2000 No. 136, August 17 Iraq Bombing: Is There No End to the Criminality of the British and US Attacks?, British Government Champions EU Enlargement, Readers' Forum No. 4: What Stand to Take on the European Union, News In Brief: Big Leap in Foreign Firms in Britain

WDIE Year 2000 No. 135, August 16 Inward Investment Would Be Final Blow to Coal Industry, NHS Plan Involves Cuts in Beds, Asbestos Victims of British Mining Company in South Africa

WDIE Year 2000 No. 134, August 15 British Government Must Give Back Irish Land, US Soldier Jailed for Life for Murder of Kosovan Girl, British Troops Seize Kosovan Mining Complex, "Peacekeeping" Means Violence, Domination and Trampling on Sovereignty, Evidence of Nuclear Bomb Incident in Puerto Rico

WDIE Year 2000 No. 133, August 14 Cracking Down on "Health Tourists" Has Political Aims and is Racist, Readers' Forum No. 4: What Stand to Take on the European Union

WDIE Year 2000 No. 132, August 11 London Regional Forum Discusses Relation of Mass Party Press to Consolidating Party on New Historical Basis, James Larkin Commemoration, FARC Condemns Clinton Trip, IMF and World Bank Challenged

WDIE Year 2000 No. 131, August 10 London Regional Forum: The Mass Party Press and the Role of the Modern Communist Party, Letter to the Editor: On the "Naming and Shaming" of Paedophiles, News In Brief: Threat to Pioneering Scottish Cancer Clinic, International News In Brief: Summit of Southern African Leaders Gives "Unqualified Support" to Zimbabwe, US and Japan Plan Joint Military Exercises

WDIE Year 2000 No. 130, August 9 Ambulance Crew Strike Call Underlines Crisis in NHS, News In Brief: Longer Waiting for Out-Patients, CBI Paints Gloomy Picture for Manufacturing, Readers' Forum No. 4: What Stand to Take on the European Union

WDIE Year 2000 No. 129, August 8 Economic Sanctions and Britain's Undeclared War against Iraq Must End Immediately, Peter Hain Attempts to Defend the Indefensible, Militant Protests against Genocidal Sanctions, Concerned Personalities Write to the Daily Telegraph, International Actions against UN Sanctions, Venezuelan President to Visit Iraq

WDIE Year 2000 No. 128, August 7 55th Anniversary of Hiroshima: The People Are Decisive Factor in Complete Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, Thousands Commemorate "Hell on Earth" in Hiroshima

WDIE Year 2000 No. 127, August 4 Condemn the Genocidal Sanctions against Iraq! Support the Actions against British Government Policy!, Britain and US Unaccountable for Bombings, South London Protest over Voucher Scheme The Drought in Ethiopia

WDIE Year 2000 No. 125-6, August 2-3 "Civil Society" Denies to the Working Class its Leading Role, The Government’s "New Agenda" for the Commonwealth, Essex Pensioners Organise March and Rally in Southend

WDIE Year 2000 No. 124, August 1 Lords Logjam: The Crisis in the Old Arrangements, News In Brief: East Kent Campaigners Protest against Health Minister, Dudley Hospital Workers Strike, Turkish Authorities Attack Prisoners in Bergama

WDIE Year 2000 No. 123, July 31 First London Regional Forum on the Mass Party Press, Letter to the Editor: Exposing the Privatisation of LEAs

WDIE Year 2000 No. 122, July 28 NHS Plan Gives No Guarantee of Right to Health Care, Peugeot Workers Strike, News In Brief : Unions Negotiate Job Losses, Job Cuts in Support Centres for Farmers

WDIE Year 2000 No. 120-121, July 26-27 Collapse of Middle East "Peace Talks", Britain Should Also End its Interference in the Middle East, Nearly 600 Beds Lost in First Wave of PFI Schemes, Monopolies to Make a Killing over UCLH, News In Brief , News on Bombing and Genocidal Sanctions against Iraq

WDIE Year 2000 No. 119, July 25 Workers Themselves Must Place the Right to a Livelihood on the Agenda, The Campaign for Human Rights in Turkey

WDIE Year 2000 No. 118, July 24 Birmingham Activists and Friends Discuss How to Advance Workers’ Weekly, Workers’ Movement: What Is To Be Done to Halt the Further Decline in the Steel Industry?

WDIE Year 2000 No. 117, July 21 RCPB(ML) in London Region Organises Forums on the Mass Party Press, DPRK-Russia Joint Declaration

WDIE Year 2000 No. 116, July 20 Minorities Demand a Future which Guarantees the Rights of All, Seamus Mallon Accuses Peter Mandelson of "Political Chicanery"

WDIE Year 2000 No. 114-115, July 18-19 Gordon Brown’s £43bn "Spree": Two Sets of Agendas at Work, Scotland Loses Out in Chancellor’s Spending Review, African Leaders to Push for Debt Relief at G8, Vladimir Putin to Arrive in North Korea, US Move to Go Ahead with "NMD" System

WDIE Year 2000 No. 113, July 17 Inter-Faith Understanding or Freedom of Conscience?, Obituary , Note: WDIE did not appear on Friday, July 14.

WDIE Year 2000 No. 112, July 13 What Lies Behind the Government's Concern with "Good Governance" in Africa?, On the Future of the Shipbuilding Industry, African Leaders Endorse Creation of African Union

WDIE Year 2000 No. 111, July 12 Community as an International Idea or the Democratisation of International Relations?

WDIE Year 2000 No. 110, July 11 Speeches at the Big Meeting Recall the Traditions of the Working Class and Ask What Tasks Must Be Taken Up to Transform Society

WDIE Year 2000 No. 109, July 10 Durham Miners’ Gala and Big Meeting Sets the Agenda as the "Hewing of Society", From the Souvenir Programme of the 116th Durham Miners’ Gala: The Durham Spirit Marches On, Peugeot Workers Vote to Strike

WDIE Year 2000 No. 108, July 7 Community within a Nation or Society Meeting the Claims of All?, Party Activists to Participate in the Durham Miners’ Gala, News In Brief :North East: The Future of Nissan, Asbestos Claims on the Increase, Peter Hain to Speak on British Policy in the Middle East

WDIE Year 2000 No. 107, July6 The Challenge of Change or the Necessity for Change?, International News in Brief: Opposition to National Missile Defence, Austrian Referendum on EU Sanctions

WDIE Year 2000 No. 106, July 5 Britain Must Dissociate Itself from the NMD System of the US and End its Big Power Ambitions, News In Brief: Asbestos Diseases Are Killing More Workers, North East: On the Speakers at the Durham Miners’ Gala, Wales: Cancer Victims Face Delays, Scotland: Schools PFI Project to Pay the Rich

WDIE Year 2000 No. 105, July 4 Korean North-South Summit a Blow against Imperialism

WDIE Year 2000 No. 104, July 3 The Way Forward for Youth and Students. Commemorative Meeting to Pay Tribute to Comrade Kim Il Sung, Letter to Comrade Kim Jong Il on the Anniversary of the Passing of Comrade Kim Il Sung

WDIE Year 2000 No. 103, June 30 "Community of Democracies" Initiative: An "Initiative" to Block the Peoples Solving the Question of Democracy, One in Five Jobless Unemployed Again in a Year, Celebrations of the birth of Leo and the tragic loss of a new life!.

WDIE Year 2000 No. 102, June 29 Letter to WDIE by Workers’ Weekly Health Group: The Aim of Stabilising WDIE Is Vital for the Working Class Movement, Increasing Stress and Workload Causes Teaching Staff to Quit, Great Britain-Iraq Society Holds Inaugural Meeting, Richard Butler Criticises Sanctions, Sharp Contradiction between Europe and the US over Airbus

WDIE Year 2000 No. 101, June 28 British Government Must Stop its Threats against and Interference in Zimbabwe, FYI, Address by Jimmy Reid at Bannockburn Rally, IRA Announcement, Press Release issued by the Communist Party of Greece, US Navy Recommences Criminal Bombing of Vieques, Indian Defence Minister Visits Russia

WDIE Year 2000 No. 100, June 27 The Aim of Stabilising WDIE, Tony Blair’s Speech to the "Global Borrowers and Investors Forum Conference": A Call to the Financiers that Britain Is their Best Champion

WDIE Year 2000 No. 99, June 26 The Stabilisation of Workers’ Daily Internet Edition, Teachers Step Up Action against Increase in Workload, Fight against Top-up Fees to Intensify, Scotland: Annual Bannockburn March and Rally, Indian Prime Minister Begins Five-Day Visit to Europe

WDIE Year 2000 No. 98, June 25 50th Anniversary of the Korean War: The Crimes of the Imperialists Must Not Be Repeated

WDIE Year 2000 No. 97, June 8 Condemn the Continued British Military Intervention in Sierra Leone, For Your Information Sierra Leone Diamond Embargo Proposed by Britain, Robin Cook in Sierra Leone, NATO Military Exercises in Baltic Sea, Forthcoming Events Conference on NATO, Yugoslavia and the New World Order, National Demonstration: Stop Scapegoating Refugees!

WDIE Year 2000 No. 96, June 7 Issues Raised at the CWU Conference, News In Brief: US-EU Trade Disputes Dominate WTO, Land Rover Recall, Rover Cuts Price of Cars by 10%, NUT Leaders Block Strike Ballot

WDIE Year 2000 No. 95, June 6 Provisions of Employment Relations Act Come into Force, Britain Takes Part in Pacific War Exercises, Half a Million Cuban Women March Past the US Interests Section

WDIE Year 2000 No. 94, June 5 "Conference on Progressive Governance" – Further Attempt to Unite Whole World Behind the "Third Way", "Third Way" Illusions Are Designed to Conciliate the Class Struggle, USMLO Public Forum · Buffalo, NY US at the Crossroads: The People Must Prevail!

WDIE Year 2000 No. 93, June 2 Summit News: US President Clinton at EU-US Summit, then Flies to Berlin, Low Paid Youth in Birmingham, Rover to be Sentenced in Asbestos Court Case, International News: Kim Jong Il’s Unofficial Visit to China

WDIE Year 2000 No. 92, June 1 EC Agenda for Further Privatisation of Post Office Must Be Opposed, Talks Held between Diplomats of DPRK and Britain, Comment: The Talks between the DPRK and Britain, Statement from the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

WDIE Year 2000 No. 91, May 31 What Is Behind the Fuss over "Elitism" at Oxford?, Disabled People Carry Out Three Days of Actions in Defence of their Rights, Protest Outside the Centre for Life, Summit News: US President Clinton Begins Week-Long Trip to Europe and Russia, The Beast of British Chauvinism
WDIE was not posted on May 29 and 30 because of the late spring holiday

WDIE Year 2000 No. 90, May 26 Students at Wolverhampton University Demonstrate against Course Cuts, Students at University of Kent Occupy Senate Building, Stagecoach Drivers Continue Struggle, Solidarity with the Struggle of the South Korean People

WDIE Year 2000 No. 89, May 25 May 25 – African Liberation Day, Events to Mark African Liberation Day

WDIE Year 2000 No. 88, May 24 British Government’s Criminal Involvement in Sierra Leone, British and US Warplanes Continue to Bomb Iraq, Disabled People March For Freedoms, Reclaim Life! Action on Human Genetics, For a Reunified and Independent Korea, Florence Says No to the NATO Summit!

WDIE Year 2000 No. 87, May 22-23 Condemn Britain's Attempts to Dictate to Zimbabwe! For Your Reference: Background to the Land Question in Zimbabwe, Thabo Mbeki’s Speech in Zimbabwe

WDIE Year 2000 No. 86, May 18-19 Dunlop Closure: Another Transnational to Pull Out of Birmingham, Housing Is a Fundamental Human Need

WDIE Year 2000 No. 85, May 17 Revolutionisation of Life on an On-Going Basis Is Synonymous with the Aim of Opening the Door to Progress, West Midlands: Birmingham Suburbs Suffer from High Illiteracy, London: Student Nurses Hold Vigil, Readers Forum: No.3: Experience of a Community and Environmental Activist from Wales

WDIE Year 2000 No. 84, May 16 Housing Crisis: Housing Must Be Recognised as a Basic Human Right, Campaign for Human Rights in Turkey

WDIE Year 2000 No. 83, May 15 Britain’s "Commitment" to Sierra Leone Is One of Sordid Self-Interest, Pensioners' Parliament in Blackpool

WDIE Year 2000 No. 82, May 12 Rover Workers Will Continue to Have to Face and Provide Solutions to the Problems Caused by the Contradictions of Monopoly Capitalism
Please Note: WDIE was not published on May 4, 5, 8, 9, 10 and 11

WDIE Year 2000 No. 81, May 3 May Day 2000 Celebrated – Part 2, "We Were Treated Like Herds of Cattle", Participants' Direct Reports of the May Day 2000 Actions, Fidel Castro, President of the Republic of Cuba, Speaks at Mass Rally, Korea, 25th Anniversary of Liberation Day Marked in Vietnam

WDIE Year 2000 No.80, May 2 May Day 2000 Celebrated, May Day Celebrations in Newcastle, Birmingham Mayday Rally, May Day March in London, Participants in the May Day March in London, Reports of Some of May Day Events and Protests around the World

WDIE Year 2000 No.79, May 1 MAY DAY 2000 Let Us Build a New Society! Let Us Open the Door to Progress! Let Us Work to Lift Society Out of the Crisis and Leave the Old World Behind! Workers of England, Scotland and Wales, Unite in Defence of Your Rights! Workers of All Countries, Unite!

WDIE Year 2000 No. 78, April 28 Zimbabwe Delegation Visits London to Demand Britain Meets its Obligations, Another Rover Workers' Rally, Appeal from Russia

WDIE Year 2000 No. 77, April 27 The Future of Rover: What Choices Are the Workers Being Offered?, News In Brief , The Food Crisis in Ethiopia, International News: Chinese President in South Africa Signs "Pretoria Declaration", International News In Brief

WDIE Year 2000 No.76, April 26 Rover and Ford: Struggle of the Workers for their Rights to Be Guaranteed Must Continue, MAY DAY 2000, For Your Information: Kremlin Finds a Downing Street Ally

WDIE Year 2000 No.75, April 25 Britain Must End All Interference in Zimbabwe and Meet its Obligations to Zimbabwe in Full, May Issue of Progress Published, Unity and Determination at Conclusion of South Summit in Havana, Fidel Castro Speaks in Defence of the Rights of World’s People, UNISON Health Care Sector Conference: Health and Safety

WDIE Year 2000 No. 74, April 20 TUC Establishes "Partnership Institute", Rolls Royce Workers Rally against Proposed Job Cuts, DPRK Sends Greetings to Zimbabwean President, Arbitrary Oppression Continues In Turkey

WDIE Year 2000 No.73, April 19 Labour Government Sets its Sights on "Partnership" with India, China Gives Donation to Ethiopia for Drought

WDIE Year 2000 No. 72, April 18 Vladimir Putin Puts the Stress on "New" Russia, UNISON Health Care Service Group Conference: Debate on the Private Finance Initiative, For Your Reference: Composite Motion F (34&37), Erratum

WDIE Year 2000 No. 71, April 17 Vladimir Putin Visits Britain, Foreign Ministers in Havana Call for Democratisation of United Nations and Enlargement of Security Council, Rover Workers Organise Second Demonstration in Birmingham, New Consortium Makes Rival Rover Offer, Small Businesses Denounce Rover Aid Package as a "Drop in the Ocean", Unison Health Care Service Group Conference: Debate on "Partnership Working", For Your Reference: Motion 28 and Ammendment 28.1

WDIE Year 2000 No. 70, April 14 Heads of State and Prime Ministers of Group of 77 Meet in Havana, Unforgettable Inaugural Ceremony at G77 South Summit, The Focus Discussion on the PFI at UNISON Health Care Service Group Conference, John Denham Gives Key-note Address to Conference, Conference on Human Genetics, Dinner Held to Mark Anniversary of Birth of DPRK President, Message from Central Committee of RCPB(ML) to Kim Jong Il on Occasion of Sun’s Day, Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) Celebrates 30th Anniversary of its Founding

WDIE Year 2000 No. 69, April 13 Condemn the Threats and Intimidation against Zimbabwe!, Lecture on the Scratch Orchestra at Marx Memorial Library, UNISON Health Care Service Group Conference Opens

WDIE Year 2000 No. 68, April 12 South Summit Opens in Havana, South Summit in Havana to Mark a "Turning Point" for Developing Countries, G-77 Foreign Ministers Meet, UNISON Health Care Service Group Conference Opens Today

WDIE Year 2000 No. 67, April 11 The Contention Regarding NHS Debts, US-British Bombing Kills 14 Iraqi People, China Urges US, Britain to Cancel "No-Fly" Zone in Iraq, North and South of Korea Reach an Agreement, North-south Agreement

WDIE Year 2000 No. 66. April 10 South London Branch Begins Mass Distribution Campaign, Conference Attended by Workers and Other Sections of the People Opposes Anti-Social Offensive, Contributions by Delegates to Conference on Jobs and the Welfare State

WDIE Year 2000 No. 645, April 6-7 Rover Workers and the Rest of the Working Class Must Take Centre Stage in Political Life, News In Brief: Zimbabwe’s Parliament Declares Britain Responsible for Compensation, Ethiopian Government Steps Up Work to Alleviate Drought Crisis and Criticises International Response

WDIE Year 2000 No. 623, April 4-5 The Real Solution to the Rover Crisis – Workers Must Discuss, Rover News In Brief:, Car Monopoly Merger News, "Equality of Freedom in Europe and Africa" Is a Cover for Relations of Exploitation, For Your Information: Government’s Proposal for "Conflict Prevention" in Africa, Student News

WDIE Year 2000 No. 61, April 3 Tens of Thousands March against Rover Closure, Conference on Jobs and the Welfare State, EU-Africa Summit: Britain’s Reactionary Role Regarding Zimbabwe, For Your Information: British Government’s Anti-Zimbabwe Campaign

WDIE Year 2000 No. 60, March 31 Rover Workers Must Affirm their Rights and Fight for a New Society!, Motor Merger News

WDIE Year 2000 No. 59, March 30 EU Summit in Lisbon: Tony Blair Leads in "New Direction for Europe", The Neo-Liberal Wind of Europe Blows over Lisbon

WDIE Year 2000 No. 58, March 29 Blair’s Speech on "Britishness": Most Reactionary Chauvinism under the Guise of "British Values", Car Monopoly Merger News, News In Brief

WDIE Year 2000 No. 57, March 28 How the Working People of the North East Should Use their "Core Vote", On the Class Conscious Workers, Party Members and Activists Becoming Centres of Politicisation

WDIE Year 2000 No. 56, March 27 Workers Must Not Allow Themselves to Fall Prey to Illusions, The Possibility of a GM Bid for Land Rover, Warning against "Xenophobia", Chinese, DPRK Foreign Ministers Hold Talks, DPRK Foreign Minister on lgor lvanov's visit to DPRK: A Guarantee for the Development of Friendship and Co-operation

WDIE Year 2000 No. 55, March 24 Fifth Plenum of Central Committee of RCPB(ML) Takes Important Decision, First Anniversary of NATO Bombing of Yugoslavia, Commemorative Rally – One Year after NATO Started Bombing, Vieques "Aid" Package Linked to Arrest of Protesters

WDIE Year 2000 No. 54, March 23 For a Public Guarantee for the People’s Well-Being! The Right to a Livelihood is a Human Right!, Opposition to the Break-Up of Rover Is Developing in Scope and Depth, Demonstration in Response to Rover Sell-Off, BMW News In Brief , Letter To The Editor: New Labour Ready to Capitulate over Rover, Health Act 1999: A New Arrangement for the NHS that is More Consistent With the Ant-Social Direction for the NHS

WDIE Year 2000 No. 53, March 22 Budget Has Not Resolved Question of Funding for Social Programmes, GMTV Interview Exposes Gordon Brown’s Promises for NHS, Funding Key Points from Yesterday’s Budget Speech, What Interest Does the Government Have in the National Economy?, Rover Stewards Meet to Discuss Tactics, BMW News In Brief, Hospital Chaplains Threaten Strike, Blair to Decide Soon on Eurofighter Missile

WDIE Year 2000 No. 52, March 21 Today’s Budget: Where Are Resources to Come From?, Opposition Growing in Birmingham against Rover Sell, Off Schoolchildren Oppose Sell Off of Rover, BMW News In Brief:, News In Brief

WDIE Year 2000 No. 51, March 20 Elections in Taiwan: US Imperialism Arrogantly Meddles in China’s Affairs, Rover and Ford NEWS IN BRIEF, Ruthless Attack on Cuban Sugar Industry US "Aid" Package for Colombia NATO Expansion Threatens Russian Security

WDIE Year 2000 No. 50, March 17 State’s Campaign against Asylum-Seekers Is Racist and Directed against the Rights of All, Discussion Page Takes Step Forward, People of Greenwich Continue Fight against Cuts in Healthcare, Professor Warns of Grave Concerns over Criminal Justice Bill

WDIE Year 2000 No. 49, March 16 BMW Preparing to Sell Rover: Threats, Threats and More Threats – What Is the Alternative?, For Your Information: Unions Voice Dismay, The Position of BMW

WDIE Year 2000 No. 48, March 15 Breaking with the De-Politicisation of the Working Class, News In Brief: BP Amoco to Take Over Burmah Castrol, CILRECO’s Presidency Meeting

WDIE Year 2000 No. 47, March 14 Now that the Party and its Cadres Are in Place, CILRECO’s Presidency Meeting

WDIE Year 2000 No. 46, March 13 Government Reintroduces Criminal Justice Bill with Minimal Changes, Criminal Justice (Mode of Trial) (No. 2) Bill: Some Extracts from the Debate in the House of Commons on March 7

WDIE Year 2000 No. 45, March 10 Funding Cuts and a "Two-Tier" Education System, For Your Reference: Figures for the Funding of Higher Education, Education NEWS IN BRIEF, British Government Recalls High Commissioner from Zimbabwe, Deutsche and Dresdner Merger Threatens Big Job Cuts, INTERNATIONAL NEWS IN BRIEF

WDIE Year 2000 No.44, March 9 TUC Women’s Conference Opens, NUS Launches "Fightback against Elitism", News In Brief: Deutsche Bank and Dresdner in Talks on Mega-Merger

WDIE Year 2000 No. 43, March 8 International Women’s Day: Women Are Decisive in Charting the Line of March to the New Society, US Navy Begins its Shelling of Cape Wrath

WDIE Year 2000 No. 42, March 7 Genocidal Sanctions against Iraq: Necessity to Further Develop Movement against Imperialist Globalisation, RCPB(ML) Speech at New Worker Meeting "Eyewitness Baghdad", TV Review: Paying the Price: The Killing of the Children of Iraq, Reader's Forum: No.2: Can Violence Be Justified?

WDIE Year 2000 No. 41, March 6 Consolidating European Union as a Military Superpower Is Very Dangerous Development, Midlands Conference: "Jobs and the Welfare State", On the Government’s Draft Regulations on Part-Time Workers

WDIE Year 2000 No. 40, March 3 The Coverage of Workers’ Struggles, Oppose the Move of the US Navy to Extend their Bombing from Vieques to Scotland!, Letter to the Editor: Government Even Has Targets on Suicides!

WDIE Year 2000 No. 39, March 2 Developing the Work of Discussion and Dissemination of the Newspaper, Blair and Ahern in Contact to Hatch More Plots, RMT Meets over Strike Plan Decision, The Sentiment against Tony Blair as the Crisis in the NHS Worsens

WDIE Year 2000 No. 38, Marxh 1 Condemn Tony Blair's Statement that NHS Trusts and Managers Must "Embrace Change"!, Tony Blair Opposed at St Thomas’ Hospital, Scottish Students Take Action, Scottish Parliament on the Cubie Report, For Your Reference: Brief Details of the Cubie Report, Students are Being Forced into Low-Paid Jobs to Make Ends Meet

WDIE Year 2000 No. 37, February 29 A Party Cannot Be Judged Just on its Words, African News: Peter Hain at Odds with Zimbabwe, News In Brief: Surge in HSBC Profits, Train Drivers Call off Plans for Further Strikes, Insurance Firms to Make 1,250 Redundant, Fears over Rolls Royce

WDIE Year 2000 No. 36, February 28 Does the Centenary the Labour Party Is Celebrating Have Any Significance?, Birminghamm People Demonstrate To Defend Public Services

WDIE Year 2000 No. 35, February 25 The Mania for "Mega Mergers" Is the Drive for Domination and War, Train Guards Back Strike, Letter to the Editor: Deterioration in Postal Service

WDIE Year 2000 No. 34, February 24 Norwich Union and CGU Merger, US and British Warplanes Continue to Attack Iraq, Resigning UN Humanitarian Co-ordinator for Iraq Continues to Speak Out

WDIE Year 2000 No. 33, February 23 Which Way for the Economy? The Background to the Threat to Close Ford Dagenham, TUC News: TUC Women’s Conference, Discrimination against Women on Pay

WDIE Year 2000 No. 32, February 22 Threat to Close Dagenham: Ford Workers Must Affirm their Rights!, Ford Professional Staff Stage One-Hour Strike, Train Drivers Plan Further Strikes, Dairy Companies Merger Threatens Redundancies

WDIE Year 2000 No. 31, February 21 Ford Axes 1,500 Jobs at Dagenham Plant: Once More the Question: Who Decides?, 25th Anniversary of TPLF Celebrated, Message by Chris Coleman, RCPB(ML), to Celebrations

WDIE Year 2000 No. 30, February 18 The Threat Hanging Over the Longbridge Workers, British Government’s Unilateral Suspension of the Northern Ireland Assembly and Executive, Text of the IRA Statement, February 15, 2000, Government Plans to Increase Not Eliminate Student Fees, Students Protest against Tuition Fees and Proclaim: "Education Is a Right!"

WDIE Year 2000 No. 29, February 17 Condemn the Renewed Bombing of Iraq!, Senior UN Officials Resign over Iraq Sanctions, Readers' Forum: On Overproduction

WDIE Year 2000 No. 28, February 16 Intergovernmental Conference Convenes in Brussels, Letter of Congratulations to Comrade Kim Jong Il on the Occasion of his 58th Birthday

WDIE Year 2000 No. 27, February 15 Postal Services Bill: Following the Dictates of the Marketplace, Local People Oppose Threatened Closure of Greenwich District Hospital, Birmingham Demonstration to Defend Social Programmes, NEWS IN BRIEF

WDIE Year 2000 No. 26, February 14 What Values Are the Austrian Government Threatening?, Actions by States against Austria, Birmingham Branch of RCPB(ML) Organises Leafleting Campaign of Longbridge

WDIE Year 2000 No.25, February 11 Crisis in the Welsh Assembly, US Imperialism Discusses Closer Arms Industry Links

WDIE Year 2000 No. 24, February 10 Northern Ireland Bill 2000: Condemn the Move to Bring Back Direct Rule!, Readers Forum - On Overproduction

WDIE Year 2000 No. 23, February 9 Exposing the Significance of Tony Blair’s One-Nation Politics, Globalisation Threatens Ford Dagenham Workers, Threat to Rover at Longbridge Intensifies, CILRECO Calls for 5th World Solidarity Congress for Korean Reunification

WDIE Year 2000 No. 22, February 8 Tony Blair Acts to Inflame Passions over Decommissioning, Contradictions Intensify at International Security Conference in Germany

WDIE Year 2000 No. 21, February 7 Once More the Prospect of Direct Rule of the North of Ireland from Westminster, Attack on Union Organiser at SOAS Defeated by United Action of Staff and Students

WDIE Year 2000 No. 20, February 4 "Critical Engagement", "Enlightened Self-Interest" and "Diplomacy for Democracy" Replace the "Ethical Dimension", Productivity Lags behind the Rest of G7, Dominica Labour Party Returns to Power, What Now for Ecuador?

WDIE Year 2000 No. 19, February 3 Bill to Amend Race Relations Act Does Not Deal with the Issue of Racism, The Workers' Resource Centre Is an Important Step in Organising for A New Society, Salaried Staff at Ford Vote for Strike Action, Further on the Issue of Decommissioning, Britain’s Interference in Africa Serves Only the Interests of the Monopolies

WDIE Year 2000 No. 18, February 2 The British Government Cannot Be the Arbiter of Progress in Northern Ireland, Working for Progress and Stability, Student Occupation Broken Up by Police, Readers Forum - On Overproduction, Albanian Musicians on Hunger Strike against the End of State Subsidies

WDIE Year 2000 No. 17, February 1 Programme of Workers’ Resource Centre Published, WORKERS’ RESOURCE CENTRE; Programme

WDIE Yeat 2000 No. 16, January 30 Connex Grant Train Drivers their Demands, The Working Class Must End its Marginalisation and Set its Own Agenda

WDIE Year 2000 No. 15, January 28 Return the Kidnapped Cuban Boy! Wandsworth Council Workers Persist in Strike Struggle, Services Hit by Hospital Closure, Immigration and Asylum Act to be Tested in Newham

WDIE Year 2000 No. 14, January 27 Connex Cancels 600 Trains as Train Drivers Continue to Ban Overtime, Firefighters Plan Strike Action, Students Stage Occupation at SOAS, Latest Mega Merger – EMI and Time Warner, Readers Forum - On Overproduction

WDIE Year 2000 No. 13, January 26 Train Drivers’ Strike and the Deteriorating Conditions on the Railways, British Museum Strike Threat, G7 Finance Ministers Meet in Tokyo

WDIE Year 2000 No. 12, January 25 Connex Train Drivers Stage One-Day Strike, Disabled Workers Fight to Keep Remploy Open, One Quarter of Farm Workers Could Lose Jobs, DPRK Delegation Meets with US Officials in Berlin, Farewell to GIs from Panama Canal! Now Is the Time from South Korea!

WDIE Year 2000 No. 11, January 24 Workers’ Weekly Recommences Publication, Reject the Government’s "Law and Order" Bills!, RCPB(ML) and CAEF Activists Organise a Leafleting Campaign in Longbridge over Rover Issue

WDIE Year 2000 No. 10, January 21 "Let the Truth Be Told", Wandsworth Council Workers' Further Strike Plan, Workers' Movement News In Brief, News In Brief

WDIE Year 2000 No. 9, January 20 Stepping Up the Tempo of the Work of the Party, Glaxo Wellcome and Smithkline Beecham Announce Mega Merger, 9th Anniversary of Gulf War: Thousands March in Iraq

WDIE Year 2000 No. 8, January 19 The Line of March to a New Society - Part 3, An Invitation to Make Use of the Workers’ Resource Centre

WDIE Year 2000 No.7, January 18 The Line of March to a New Society - Part 2, Flu crisis: Government Can in No Way Claim to Be Meeting People’s Basic Health Care Needs, Nurses’ Pay Rise Divisive and Not Funded, Letter to the Editor

WDIE Year 2000 No. 6, January 17 The Line of March to a New Society - Presentation by representative of CC (Part 1), News In Brief

WDIE Year 2000 No.5, January 14 Release of Pinochet Lets Government off the Hook, Ford Professional Staff Set to Strike, Workers Movement News In Brief, Flu Crisis

WDIE Year 2000 No. 4, January 13 Why Does the Government Need a "Terrorism Bill"?, There is Still No Recompense for the AMEC Tragedy, Investigation into Oil Rig Deaths Postponed

WDIE Year 2000 No. 3, January 12 Governments Anti-Social Legislative Programme, New Year Message from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea

WDIE Year 2000 No. 2, January 11 EU Investigation Threatens Rover Deal, Message of Greetings from Workers Weekly Youth Group, News: Rover, EU Treaty on aids by states

WDIE Year 2000 No.1, January 10 Announcing the Workers' Weekly Daily Internet Edition, Public Release of "The Line of March to a New Society"