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Chris Coleman is the registered leader of RCPB(ML) in accordance
with the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000.

Criminal Role of Social Democracy in the First World War

Chris Coleman shows that there is little doubt that the social democratic parties could have prevented the war or at least brought about its speedy termination. He also shows that there is no doubt that the Bolsheviks' seizure of power in Russia and their immediate withdrawal from the war was a major factor in bringing peace, in bringing the war to an end. He says today the guarantee of peace is the empowerment of the working class, for the working class to constitute itself the nation, opening the path to a new society and taking steps to establish a political process that brings into being an anti-war government. This is the problem to be solved. More...

"For King and Another Country: Indian Soldiers on The Western Front 1914-18"

Chris Coleman Reviews this book by Shrabani Basu: This informative and moving book is a timely and worthy tribute to those very dead. And it could be said is a just indictment of a system which made and still makes such barely imaginable losses and tragedies possible. More...

Hail the 65th Anniversary of the Victory over Fascism!

by Chris Coleman

It is of vital importance that the truth of these great events be recognised and upheld, not as something in itself, but as part of providing the information and perspective to enable the working class and people to discuss and plan the way forward, what kind of society is needed, how to take matters into their own hands, how to bring about democratic renewal and bring into being a pro-social and anti-war government, how to solve themselves the problems facing society. To do so is to honour the huge sacrifices made and the hopes and possibilities opened up by the great victory over fascism in 1945. More...

The Falsifiers of History Have the Aim of Covering Up Their Own Preparations for Fascism and War

by Chris Coleman: On the 70th Anniversary of Second World War.

As the late Hardial Bains pointed out in his important work Modern Communism, the attack is not just on communism but on all real change. History, he says, has been turned on its head, with the worst crimes of the Hitlerite fascists attributed to the communists in general, and to Stalin in particular. This disinformation is intended to disorient the workers, women and youth and provide them with no prospects whatsoever. It is also to divert the attention of the world’s peoples from the crimes being committed today by the imperialists and world reaction in the name of democracy. More...

Successful Seminar: "There Is A Way Out of the Crisis"

The paper given by Chris Coleman, concentrated on the general line of the Party as contained in the document "There Is A Way Out of the Crisis", the launch of which fifteen years ago the seminar was marking. It looked at the essence of the thesis put forward, in the light of the present situation, in order to facilitate discussion on the tasks which confront the Party and the working class and people at the present time and discuss the way forward. More...

Noor Inayat Khan: Anti-Fascist Heroine and Indian Patriot

Chris Coleman Reviews The Spy Princess by Shrabani Basu: Today, when self-aggrandising leaders in the service of the great corporations once again threaten to drag humanity into catastrophic world war – when bestiality akin to that of the Nazis once again shows its face in the Abu Ghraibs and Guantánamo Bays, the Hadithas and Fallujas of the world – the unbreakable courage and selfless sacrifice of Noor Inayat Khan serve as a reminder and inspiration... Her example shows that the cherished liberté of all peoples, fought for so heroically by Noor as by her illustrious forebear, their shared goals on the high road of culture and civilisation, will surely be won. More...

Speech to RCPB(ML) New Year Activists Meeting 2005

Before deciding on any programme of action, or even discussion of a programme of action, it seems important to go back to what we were talking about when we met last year, that the starting point has to be – not some general line or preconceived notion – but identifying what is what – what is actually going on in front of our eyes. So when considering the likely upcoming election, the whole agenda of the bourgeoisie, the stand and tactics of the Party in regard to the election or the Blair government generally, the first question is what is Tony Blair up to, what is Tony Blair and why is he there? What is going on? More...

Ten Years Since the Coventry International Seminar

The 8th National Consultative Conference of RCPB(ML) was held in Coventry on January 17, 2004, aimed at summing up the work of the Party since the 4th Congress in March 2003. The Conference was entitled: "Developing Resistance and Planting the Alternative". Chris Coleman opened the 8th NCC of the Party with the following remarks. More...

The Revolutionaries

Part 2 in the series: "The Other Candidates Are…"
Chris Coleman, RCPB(ML), talking to Matthew Parris
BBC Radio 4 Westminster Hour - January 4, 2004. Interview

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