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Fight for an Anti-War Government!
Challenge the Dictate of the Westminster Cartel!
Organise for the Alternative!

May 6, 2010, will be the date of the General Election. This is to no-ones surprise, since the way the ruling elite and its Westminster cartel of big parliamentary parties work, while aiming to toy with the electorate, these parties began their election campaign some time ago with this understanding....more

The 2010 General Election:

Is This Coalition the "Change" that the People Were Promised?

David Cameron last night visited the Queen who asked him to form a government. This is the way things work in this archaic system where formally authority still lies with the monarch in parliament.

Having failed to sort out a champion of the ruling elite through the process of the election, the Conservative-Lib Dem coalition is the best that the powers-that-be could come up with, discrediting Gordon Brown and his Labour government in the process. This coalition is what is being presented as "new" in the present circumstances....more

All Out to Vote for Anti-War Candidates!
Fight for an Anti-War Government!

The task of workers and progressive people in this election campaign has to been to organise in favour of bringing to power an anti-war government. It has been to occupy the space for change in this regard, and to seriously challenge the pro-war consensus and anti-social agenda of the Westminster cartel....more

Hysteria and Driving Down the Level of Politics and Political Culture

What was immediately evident in Gordon Brown's "bigot" outburst was the exposure of the manipulation of the electorate by the present political system and culture, and the sheer contempt that the ruling elite has for the people and their concerns. ...more

Progress Report on the South Shields Fight for an Anti-War Government Candidate

A hustings was organised last Saturday by the churches, to which every candidate but the BNP was invited, and attended by them with the exception of one independent candidate. Roger Nettleship, Fight for an Anti-War Government candidate, placed the fight for an anti-war government firmly on the agenda by leading the fight against the pro-war consensus and placed it at the centre of the discussion in the South Shields hustings. Shirley Ford of the Green Party, Roger Nettleship and the other two independents spoke out against the war....more

The Future of the Universities Is an Election Issue

Cuts in social programmes are being presented by the big parties and media as a foregone conclusion of the general election. Indeed, higher education has already been coming under attack. However, this renewed offensive is meeting resistance from students, lecturers and other university workers. A pro-social government would ensure increased investment in higher education, which forms a crucial part of the socialised economy....more

Second "Leaders' Debate":

The Pro-War Consensus

The second leaders debate of the Westminster cartel took place in Bristol last Thursday, concentrating on foreign policy and other issues. Once again, it was promoted as a talent contest, with the leaders in competition, and viewers of the televised confrontation given the role of deciding who came out on top....more

"Leaders' Debate":

Lowering the Level of Political Culture

On April 15, the first of the three US-style televised general election debates between the leaders of the three big parties was held, shown on ITV1. The second was shown last night, April 22, on Sky News, and the final debate will be on April 29 on BBC One....more

Occupying the Space for Change

Interview with Roger Nettleship, Fight For An Anti-War Government Candidate, South Shields...more

Election 2010:

Recognition of the Necessity for Change

Labour, Conservative and Lib Dems, who make up the Westminster cartel, have brought the necessity for change to the foreground of the election campaign. This is a sign that the electorate is not reconciled to opting for any party it considers to be the least of three evils. Faced with the choice of these three parliamentary parties, the people as a whole feel that the politics of the status quo is nothing but a dead end. The people want another alternative. This is the sentiment that the parties are trying to address with talk of change....more

Roger Nettleship  Fight for an Anti-War Government

Roger Nettleship is standing as a Fight for an Anti-War Government candidate in the general election in the constituency of South Shields. He released the following statement on April 3, 2010....more

Anti-War Candidate Forum:

For An Anti-War Government!

South Tyneside Stop the War Coalition on Tuesday, March 2, hosted an Anti-War Candidate Forum with Roger Nettleship, prospective candidate For an Anti-War Government, in South Shields. The discussion was held within the context that the fight for an anti-war government has started, and that the electorate must make preparations to block the plans to elect another pro-war government....more

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