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For An Anti-War Government!

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For An Anti-War Government!

National Demonstration – “Afghanistan: Time to Go”

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For An Anti-War Government!

RCPB(ML), November 20, 2010

On the occasion of the demonstration “Afghanistan: Time To Go!”, the Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist) calls on the working class and people to further build the movement to end crimes against peace, and to fight for an anti-war government.

The anti-war movement has persisted in its opposition to the warmongers without compromise since the invasion of Afghanistan in October 2001. This is a great tribute to the anti-war sentiment of the working class and people, and to the people’s determination to oppose and block the factors for and the causes of war. It is a tribute to the people’s determination to bring the war criminals to justice to account for their crimes.

The maturity of the anti-war movement has been such that it has allowed no provocations to divert it from its aim of settling scores with the warmongers in this country.

The task facing us is to further build the movement to end crimes against peace, recognising that to plan to commit aggression and to invade or occupy a sovereign country is a most serious war crime. The government is continuing the occupation of Afghanistan, whereas the demand of all justice-loving people is that the troops be brought home now. The threat to the peace and sovereignty of Iran, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and other countries must be ended. Britain must withdraw from NATO and end all military alliances which threaten peace and stability.

RCPB(ML) calls on the movement, above all, to discuss the significance of an anti-war government and how to bring this about. We call on everyone to intensify their efforts for the principles of an anti-war government, which include defence of sovereignty, independence, removing British troops from foreign soil, de-militarisation of the economy, as well as the necessity for reparations for war crimes and the fight to bring war criminals to justice.

We salute all those who continue to fight for justice and to bring about those arrangements in society which will put an end to war crimes.

Build the Movement to End Crimes against Peace!
Bring the Troops Home!
For an Anti-War Government!

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National Demonstration – “Afghanistan: Time to Go”

People are demonstrating at a time when big contradictions exist within Britain’s ruling circles and military establishment and between the big powers over the strategy for ensuring their imperialist interests hold sway. They are divided over Britain’s role in the world, the role of the EU and NATO, the continued striving of the US for hegemony, amongst other points of contention, at a time when they are caught in the middle of a profound economic crisis, which is being used to justify devastating cuts in spending on social programmes. What is their “exit strategy” from expensive and protracted wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, how can this be avoided in future, while continuing to maintain and extend their imperial power? This is their dilemma.

Central to strategy is what the aims are: the strategy and aims of the big powers at this time need to be dissected and understood. People need to inform themselves and find out what is what and what is behind the divisions. But the people and progressive humanity have their own aim: that of a world without war, a world where war no longer has any place. What has been emerging is the issue of justice, of not allowing the warmongers to act with impunity, along with the demand for the pro-social, pro-peace direction for the nation and for the economy.

The people demand an end to expenditure on wars of aggression and militarisation of the economy, and instead demand that social programmes be funded. The military should only be for defence. It is in this context that the massive direct and indirect cost of war poses itself, particularly in the conditions of the economic crisis.

The crucial issue of holding the warmongers to account for their war crimes and bringing them to justice has been gathering momentum within the movement, and was clearly manifested in the condemnation of Blair’s autobiography. It was developed further by the recent Stop the War resolution to Build the Movement to End Crimes against Peace, which recognised that ordering the invasion and occupations of other sovereign countries has long been the most serious war crime of all, and which was put forward at a time when the big parties are trying to draw a line under the events leading up to the invasion of Iraq.

At this time, as significant contradictions are opening up, people are in a position to organise themselves into a real block to the plans and strategy of the big powers. People need to be very political and start working out how they can exploit these contradictions and mobilise and build the movement, when there is such a weakness and crisis, so they can actually block the plans for further war, and the war preparations that are taking place with the aggressive NATO and other alliances, and with fresh alliances being formed, such as that between Britain and France.

As the people become mobilised and politicised, as they develop their political level and confidence, they will enable themselves to emerge as politicians in their own right, and become the basis of bringing an anti-war government into existence.

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