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The Great October Socialist Revolution:

Opening the Path to the Progress of Humanity

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The Great October Socialist Revolution:
Opening the Path to the Progress of Humanity

Hail the 93rd Anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution!

“Isle of Wight Communist Movement” Inaugurated

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The Great October Socialist Revolution:

Opening the Path to the Progress of Humanity

November 7 marked the 93rd anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution, organised and led by Lenin and the Bolshevik Party in Russia in 1917 in the midst of the First World War, October 25 in the old Julian calendar. It was the act of the working people of Russia themselves carried through in order for them to become the decision-makers in their own country.

The October Revolution still today inspires working people with revolutionary optimism. It has shown in practice that the working class and people can rule themselves, and that it is only the working people, and principally the working class, who can solve the grave economic, social and political problems that society faces. As a result of the October Revolution, Russia was able to extricate itself from the bloody conflict of the First World War, for the first time provide its mainly agricultural population with land, and create the economic conditions to provide food and other necessities for its people. The October Revolution also had major global significance and was a major blow for the entire imperialist system. It meant that one of the leading world powers, a sixth of the world’s land mass, became a beacon for working and oppressed people throughout the world. The October Revolution therefore acted and continues to act as an inspiration to millions in all continents. Within a few years after the Revolution, communist parties were established throughout the world, not just in the advanced industrial countries such as Britain but also in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

The October Revolution was, in essence, the culmination of a trial of strength between the old and the new in Russia, between the working people on the one hand and the Provisional Government, a coalition representing the monopolies and those who supported their “right” to exploitation, on the other. In Russia, the working people had established their own democratic institutions in the Soviets, or people’s councils, which had developed out of their own experience of the need for the people themselves to develop new institutions for their own empowerment. The October Revolution was therefore also the culmination of a trial of strength between two forms of democracy – the old bourgeois democracy of the Provisional Government, which prevented the people from becoming the decision-makers and kept power in the hands of the rich, and the new revolutionary people’s democracy of the Soviets, which were based in the factories, farms and workplaces and in the military, which allowed the ordinary people to decide their own future.

The anniversary of the Great October Revolution is the occasion not just to celebrate this defining historic event of the 20th century, but also to draw the appropriate lessons from the past in order to create the conditions to usher in a socialist Britain in the 21st century.

Imperialism and reaction strives to keep this road to progress blocked. As the capitalist crisis deepens and broadens all over the world, the international financial oligarchy and the reactionary bourgeoisie of each country are pursuing and viciously stepping up the anti-social offensive, not to solve the crisis but to perpetuate their system and make the people pay. The lesson is that the objective conditions are crying out that capitalism needs to be transformed to socialism through social revolution, and that the working class must constitute itself the nation and vest sovereignty in the people. It is therefore essential that the working class is organised as a class in itself and for itself in order to become that effective force to lead the whole of society to carry out political and democratic renewal of the whole social system.

The experience of the October Revolution proved in practice the validity of the theory worked out by Marx and Engels, that the working class cannot seize hold of the ready-made apparatus of the old state fashioned and wielded by the owners of capital and use it for its own purposes. It is palpably true in Britain today and throughout the world where archaic political institutions and processes are in place, that these state machines represent and embody the Old. They are an obstruction to the progress of society, and the New must come into being giving rise to entirely different political institutions and processes which represent and embody the sovereignty of the people and smashing the old and archaic state apparatus. Building the Workers’ Opposition and fighting for an Anti-War Government are historic tasks that the working class is presented with today in advancing along this road to a new society.

On this occasion, WDIE salutes all those who laid down their lives and have made sacrifices of all kinds for the creation of a new society. We extend communist greetings to the working class of all lands, and to all those peoples who are struggling to build the socialist systems of their choice and to defend their sovereignty and independence. The path of the October Revolution is the one which will empower humanity and ensure that human history is created by human beings themselves.

Long Live the Road of the Great October Socialist Revolution! The Legacy of October is Immortal!

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Hail the 93rd Anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution!

Message given to the CPGB(ML) on November 6, 2010, by Comrade Kobina of RCPB(ML)

Comrades, I bring revolutionary greetings from the RCPB(ML) with whom you are familiar, in particular from comrades Chris [Coleman] and Michael [Chant]. I am glad to be with you on this occasion.

We are here today, November 6, 2010, in the final year of the first decade of the 21st century to celebrate the significance of the 93rd anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution.

Ninety-three years is a lifetime, longer than most people live, particularly if you are oppressed and are not subject to privilege in the world. As an aside, I recently was shocked to learn that there is part of Glasgow where the life expectancy is 36, even less than the average life expectancy of a Black man in America which we hear is 38. Coming back to topic, the Great October Socialist Revolution was the most significant event in the 20th century in the struggle to build a society where privilege is not the by-word but the right to participate equally in the polity is guaranteed for all. For the first time in the modern era, the masses of the people gained political power in their hands through the fruits of their own struggle led by the Russian Communists, the Bolshevik Party.

In Britain today we, the working class and people, are fighting a broad-scale attack on the society, its collectives and individuals; it is a crisis situation in which the right to be by dint of being human is not guaranteed. The right to conscience, to a livelihood, education, healthcare, housing, security in old age, freedom of association, assembly and expression as well as the right to dissent, is under full-scale attack, frequently utilising “anti-terrorism” laws.

We are told that “we are all in it together” and there is no alternative to handing over the national wealth to the rich. We hear that this bank or institution is too big to fail! So aren’t the people big enough? In my community there is a phrase sometimes used as a greeting which goes like this: “Big up!” So it is recognised that one person is big – of course, we know that some people are bigger than others. We see huge disinformation and falsifications about the Great October Socialist Revolution and history in general reflecting the pessimism and self-interest of the monopoly capitalist class. This must be challenged with the optimism of the working class so that the people can see there is an alternative. We must demand that the society provides the things which are required to be human in the 21st century. There is a burning need to build that kind of society which can uphold the demands of the people.

The Great October Socialist Revolution showed that it is possible to build a society where people are empowered, socialism established, sovereignty is vested in the people and the problems of country are sorted out by the people themselves becoming the decision-makers.

The Great October Socialist Revolution gave the world its first workers’ state with all that this entails, including the leading role of the workers and peasants. It brought an end to World War I and unleashed massive levels of productivity which led to the transformation of Russia and then the USSR from a backward region into an advanced one in a relatively short period of time. It gave a huge boost to the democratic struggle particularly of nations and nationalities big and small that for the first time were recognised as equals. The rights of women were recognised with the vote and equality under the law and in society at large. The Great October Socialist Revolution led to the 1936 constitution which remains to date the most advanced constitution, encoding as it did the right of nationals and nationalities to self-determination up to and including secession.

One cannot over-stress the significance of this revolution to the international movement for peace, against colonialism and for new enlightened relations amongst states and peoples.

Whenever people have followed the path of the Great October Socialist Revolution, they have made advances; where they deviated from it they have suffered defeats. The communists and progressive forces the world over affirm that the Great October Socialist Revolution opened up the path for the progress of humanity. Our stand as we fight together today for a socialist Britain is to learn from this experience, as well as the whole experience of the 20th century of building socialism and fighting for the revolutionary transformation of society, and for the defence of the sovereignty of peoples and nations. Today, in the 21st century, we communists have to take the lead in organising the working class and people to find solutions to the problems of society and unblock the path to progress, recognising this experience. We have to combat the disinformation, the anti-communism, the drive to fascism and war, the all out anti-social offensive against the working people by the bourgeoisie, by planting the alternative, a genuine alternative, on the soil of Britain as well as uphold our principles of proletarian internationalism.

Long Live the Road of the Great October Socialist Revolution!
Let Us Organise on this Basis!

Workers of All Countries, Unite!

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“Isle of Wight Communist Movement” Inaugurated

WDIE has received the following report, with the subtitle “A brilliant and historic event”.

On Sunday, November 7, a highly successful event took place in Ventnor. After 40 years, the Isle of Wight Communist Movement was inaugurated once more. A significantly large gathering of communists and sympathisers gathered in Ventnor to mark the occasion with a notable amount of women taking part. Women in particular are showing that they are seeking enlightenment and organisation and are specifically interested in the development of modern communism and social progress. Even though there was a small contingent from the mainland, by far the biggest representation was from the island itself with people coming from all corners to Ventnor.

The creation and opening of a space for modern communism strikes a blow at the reactionary political parties of the status quo at this time. We see this particularly on the island at the moment where we have anti-popular mainstream parties carrying out arbitrary public service cuts in the service of capital.

The day’s events were marked by a warm and comradely atmosphere, and included a guided visit to the house where Marx stayed and a tour of sites of historical significance such as the place where the London Match Girls stayed in the 19th century. Also, people visited the Spring Hill community gardens and commemorative site where popular folk hero “Skimbo” is marked, and also the spot where the wonderful mosaics in the car park have been created by local volunteers.

The day continued with showings of footage of the Great October Revolution in Russia, of which the weekend marked the 93rd anniversary. A commemorative album of photographs of historic and modern communism contained a signatory page for participants to sign to mark their attendance at the historic occasion at the location in Ventnor.

The day belonged to the participants in a highly democratic fashion where each decided how it should go. The most important factor in the day was the discussion amongst the participants about many aspects of life and, in particular, what modern communism is about.

In a friendly atmosphere, people exchanged views and told stories of their experiences, and literature and photographs were on display and freely passed round. Musicians played compositions and pieces on piano and guitar and some music from Cuba was also played on a sound system. Beautiful food and drink was created by participants with English, Greek and Indian recipes amongst the permanent buffet for people to enjoy all day long. People left the evening relaxed and happy with the entire day, feeling the significance of the gathering and the prospects it has opened up for further meetings and political activity.

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