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126th Durham Miners Gala:

Build the Workers’ Opposition! Fight for a Pro-Social and an Anti-War Government!

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126th Durham Miners Gala:
Build the Workers’ Opposition! Fight for a Pro-Social and an Anti-War Government!

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126th Durham Miners Gala:

Build the Workers’ Opposition! Fight for a Pro-Social and an Anti-War Government!

North East Workers & Politics, 126th Durham Miners' Gala Special Issue, July 10, 2010

New Westoe Banner Passing the County
Westoe Colliery Band and South Tyne contingent pass the County, July11, 2009

Today, as thousands of workers gather in Durham to march through its beautiful streets with their union banners held high behind the brass bands they will once again reaffirm the dignity of labour in the fight to build the workers opposition to the renewed offensive against them.

That pride in the dignity of labour which is the characteristic of the miners in their heroic and protracted struggles, and which carries on in the traditions of the Gala, represents the consciousness of the workers to oppose the dictate of the monopolies and the governments which serve them.

That this government and the monopolies are intent on riding roughshod over the rights of the workers is an issue for the whole of society.

Thousands of public service workers will take part in the Gala and Big Meeting to oppose the massive cuts to public services, to jobs and pensions planned by the Con Dem government. At the same time, the government continues to pay the rich, the banks and monopolies and continues to spend billions of pounds on weapons of mass destruction and their never ending war of occupation in Afghanistan.

Yet they present this as an Agenda of Freedom, Fairness, and Responsibility with cuts hitting "every sector" of society and "protecting the most vulnerable".But where is this fairness, freedom and responsibility in what they are implementing? The wages system itself, the tax system, the interest rates, hide the enormous transfer of wealth creation from the workers who are the producer of the goods and services into the hands of the rich in big business and the city who use that money for usury on a national and international scale.

The finance capitalists demand first claim on the economy and on the public purse taking billions of pounds to subsidise their criminal financial speculations in the money markets and in investment portfolios whilst they produce nothing of value for the people but are a huge burden and cost on society.

But then turning truth on its head, as with the previous government, the Con Dems present the wages of the workers, the pensions of the workers, the education of the youth, the benefits of those out of work, or sick, as a cost and burden to society. And this has to be cut back to reduce the deficit so the finance capitalists will continue to see Britain as a viable economy to invest in where they can continue to secure the huge profits from their investments regardless of the wrecking of the economy and the peoples well being.

In these circumstances, it is necessary for the workers to declare: it is our economy, our public services and we must decide! This is the way out of the crisis! It is the working class and people who demand first claim on the economy, on what they produce, to meet the needs for a social wage that provides all of their rights to a livelihood, in young and old age and with public services and housing that meet the best standards of the 21st century. Also, in Britain, with its history of colonialism and lording it over the peoples of the world, it is necessary to emphasise also that the workers, in their internationalism, stand also against the exploitative relations that these same monopolies impose on the working people and the masses of other countries. In particularly they oppose the constant attempt to divert the aims of the working class movement with the racism of the state and its media to blame immigrants for the problems which the pay the rich system is creating for society.

The need for the working class to lead society out of the crisis puts a responsibility on the workers to further develop their own consciousness and organisation. Something they are very capable of doing with the best traditions of Trade union solidarity which is embodied in the Durham miners Gala.

But It also points to the crucial requirement for the workers to give rise to their own worker politicians who oppose the monopoly dictate and become champions of a human-centred society.

The independent programme of the working class demands an economy that guarantees the right to a livelihood; it demands an end to the barbaric wars that are so catastrophic for the people; it demands genuine democratic renewal of the archaic political systems and institutions; it demands respect for the natural environment in the interests of human existence; it demands not-for-profit banking, credit and insurance under direct public control; it demands public ownership of industries fundamental to the social economy; it demands a peaceful social environment in which the national economy is developed not to serve maximum profit but to serve the claims of the people on society. This programme of the working class is summed up by saying: Stop Paying the Rich! Increase Investments in Social Programmes!

To turn this situation around so that it favours the working class and all the oppressed sections of society, the workers must become organised as an effective independent political force in their own right.

Worker politicians must champion a new direction for the economy under which it becomes the people who decide, and which turns the tables on the new anti-social programme which will send the economy into deeper and deeper crisis.

It is the working class with its worker politicians who can and must save the day. The workers have no choice but to shoulder their responsibility for the fate of society.

No to Monopoly Dictate!

No to the Wrecking of the Social Economy!

There Is A Way Out of the Crisis!

Stop Paying the Rich! Increase Investments in Social Programmes!

For a Pro-Social Programme for the National Economy!

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