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Condemnations of the Israeli Zionist Criminal Attack

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Condemnations of the Israeli Zionist Criminal Attack

Updates Compiled by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Central London Comes to Standstill
Emergency National Demonstration Saturday 5th June
Volunteers Needed for Demo on Saturday
Lobbying in Parliament
Hostages on the Way Home – But How Many
Reports of Mistreatment
Message from PSC General Secretary Betty Hunter
Trades Unions Condemn Israel’s Actions

Protest in Newcastle against the Criminal Israeli Attack on Gaza Freedom Flotilla

Condemn the Criminal Attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla! Support the Palestinian People!

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Condemnations of the Israeli Zionist Criminal Attack

Actions and declarations condemning the Israeli Zionist criminal and murderous attacks on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, supporting Gaza and the Palestinian people and demanding that governments and international bodies take action to ostracise the Zionist regime have continued to mount.

WDIE continues to add its voice to this wave of revulsion and defiance. In this issue we are posting further material and call on all justice-loving people to go all out in joining in actions and in building the movement to end the Israeli crimes once and for all and to support the right of the Palestinians to resist the bestial and brutal racist programme of Zionism.

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Updates Compiled by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Central London Comes to Standstill

Central London came to a halt on June 1 when thousands of supporters of PSC and Palestine converged on Whitehall to demonstrate against the illegal attack by the Israeli Government on the Gaza flotilla that was carrying life saving medical equipment to the besieged people of Gaza.

At 1.30 there were several hundred people outside the gates to Downing Street, by 2.00 the crowd had swelled to many thousands, forcing the police to close down access to Whitehall.

Following a series of speeches, the demonstrators unanimously decided to take their anger to the heart of the Israeli government in London, the embassy in Kensington.

Thousands of demonstrators converged on High Street Kensington, closing down one of the busiest roads in London.

The huge turnout at just a few hours notice was a brilliant expression of support for the people of Palestine and a clear demonstration that the people of the UK will not tolerate the barbaric and illegal aggression of the Israeli Government and their armed forces.

Emergency National Demonstration Saturday 5th June

The world has looked on aghast as more and more details emerge of the violent attack by the Israeli Government on the unarmed flotilla of boats carrying essential medical supplies to the besieged people of Gaza. Tens of people have been killed and scores more injured.

Those who survived the brutal attack have been illegally imprisoned, without access to legal representatives.

To show our outrage at the brutal and illegal actions of the Israeli Government, PSC along with CND, Stop the War, British Muslim Initiative and Viva Palestina have called an emergency demonstration on Saturday 5th June.

The march will start from Downing Street at 1.30 pm and head to the Israeli Embassy in Kensington where there will be a rally.

We are asking all members and supporters to come to this demonstration and show the Israeli Government that the people of UK will not tolerate their brutality any longer.

Volunteers Needed for Demo on Saturday

We urgently need help stewarding the demo on Saturday.

If you can volunteer as a steward, please let us know immediately. You will need to be at Downing Street at 12pm for a briefing. 

Email us at http://www.psc.admin@palestinecampaign.org to register yourself.

Lobbying in Parliament

Yesterday, Foreign Secretary William Hague made a statement in Parliament in response to an emergency question on the situation in Gaza. Hague answered a number of questions on the blockade of Gaza, the EU trade agreement with Israel and boycotting Israeli goods, and the treatment of flotilla passengers detained by Israel from MPs who are sympathetic to the Palestinian cause.

Over 3,300 people have already used our lobbying tool to send a letter to William Hague demanding a tougher response to Israel. It is vital to keep the pressure up.

Please ask your MP to sign Early Day Motion 127 – Israel and the Gaza flotilla. The motion, which has cross-party sponsorship, condemns Israel’s attack on the aid convoy, supports the UN’s call for an independent enquiry, and demands an immediate end to the blockade of Gaza.

Follow this link http://www.psc.iparl.com/lobby/50 to use our lobby tool, which takes less than two minutes.

Hostages on the Way Home – But How Many

The latest news on those peace activists who have been illegally held by the Israeli Government is encouraging. We understand that the majority of those being held have been released and are heading back to their homes, via Istanbul. However, we have been told that not all the hostages have been released, with certain activists being singled out for longer detention.

PSC will continue with its campaign to bring pressure on the Israeli Government to release all those who where taken from the flotillas immediately, including a number of Palestinian Israelis who may face criminal charges.

From the reports we have received from those who have been freed, many have witnessed the shootings that took place on board the boat, and with one PSC volunteer cradling a victim of shootings as he died.

We hope to bring you a detailed account from the eyewitnesses who were on board the Mavi Marama.

Reports of Mistreatment

Reports of detained activists being mistreated by the Israeli authorities have already been emerging from those released earlier today and yesterday.

The Guardian contains first hand accounts of the Israeli attack, and of activists being deprived of food, water and sleep while in captivity



Al Jazeera contains reports activists being attacked with plastic bullets, beatings and electric shocks


Message from PSC General Secretary Betty Hunter

Even by the Israeli Governments own barbaric standards, the events of yesterday were some of the most shocking I have witnessed. The cold blooded and brutal attack on the flotilla of boats carrying vital medial equipment to the besieged people of Gaza was a shocking reminder of the lengths the Israeli Government will go to punish the people of Palestine and their supporters.

For us in the head office of PSC, the reality of Israel’s ceaseless campaign of attrition has been brought even closer to home with the news that our Director of Campaigns, Sarah Colborne is one the campaigners illegally being held hostage by the Israeli Government. I am sure I speak for all members and supporters when I say that our thoughts are with all those being held hostage and particularly with Sarah, her family and her friends.

Over the next week we will be producing a daily update to keep all our members informed of the latest activity. I hope that you find it helpful, and please if you have an event or activity in the next week, get in contact with the office and we will publicise it for you.


Betty Hunter

General Secretary PSC

Trades Unions Condemn Israel’s Actions

The UK trade union movement has been quick to show its support for the people of Palestine and those travelling on the flotilla following Israel’s illegal attack on Mavi Marmara.

At its annual conference in Manchester, UNITE passed an emergency motion calling for an end to the illegal blockade of Gaza by the Israeli government.

PSC patron Bob Crow, General Secretary of the transport union the RMT, issued the following statement

"This horrific attack on innocent people doing nothing other than bringing humitarian relief to the Palestinians must be condemned globally and rather than the usual diplomatic warm words, it should galvanize international opposition to Israeli state terrorism."

At its annual Conference, UCU also passed an emergency motion condemning the actions of the Israeli Government.

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Protest in Newcastle against the Criminal Israeli Attack on Gaza Freedom Flotilla

After days in which the terrible news that 20 peace activists have been killed by the Israeli navy with others injured when they were part of the Freedom Flotilla taking aid to the besieged people of Gaza, several hundred people gathered at Grey’s Monument in Newcastle on Tuesday June 1, to condemn Israel's brutal killing of activists and show solidarity with the Freedom Flotilla Mission. The emergency protest organised by Tyneside Palestine Solidarity Campaign (TPS) and Tyneside Stop the War Coalition (TSWC) was chaired by Alex Snowden of the TPS. The protest lasted an hour with speaker after speaker condemning the attack and also calling on the British government to condemn Israel and end its continued support for this criminal regime. Mahmoud Kurdi who had recently returned from the Viva Palestina convoy last year said that this was a desperate act by Israel because their criminal blockade was being broken and condemned world wide.

The protest ended with slogans in support of the Palestinian people and condemning Israel and its Anglo US backers. A beautiful and moving Palestinian poem was read out which had been written to condemn Israeli attack.

A Flotilla for Gaza Vigil took place last night 5 pm Coppins Bridge at the Peace Tree, Newport, Isle of Wight, and in many other parts of the country actions took place reflecting the outrage of all the democratic forces.

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Condemn the Criminal Attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla! Support the Palestinian People!

Eh Din, Contributing to the movement for enlightenment and progress, June 2, 2010

Eh Din condemns the brutal massacre carried out by Israeli soldiers on the civilian flotilla carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza. This crime is the latest chapter in the long list of crimes carried out by the Zionist regime against the Palestinian people. The fact that it has taken place in the face of the widespread worldwide condemnation of its fascist policy towards the residents of Gaza which has already resulted in the murder of over 1400 people, the vast majority of whom have been innocent civilians, shows the total disregard of the Zionist state for any sense of moral legitimacy. The fact that the Israeli government’s justification for the attack of blaming the victims and the policy of "collective punishment" mirrors the policies of Hitler is particularly repulsive.

The attack on an unarmed civilian target in international waters is a war crime that needs to be dealt with in the same way as any other war crime. International Law must be totally impartial in its treatment of war criminals regardless of country of origin or religion. Crimes against humanity must be condemned regardless of the perpetrator.

No decent or intelligent human being can accept the lie that the transport of humanitarian aid could ever justify an armed raid in the middle of the night and the murder of so many people. No sane person can believe the lie that allowing this aid through would have harmed Israel. It is yet another application of the fascist "might is right" policy adopted by the Israeli state and deserves universal condemnation. We will not allow this lie to be covered up under the guise of religion. Throughout the world, people of all faiths, including Jewish people have condemned this barbaric act. We will not accept the lie that Judaism is equated to Zionism, just as the world rejected Hitler’s claim that his policy was based on Christianity. The behaviour of the Zionists is a gross affront to the memory of the Jewish people who were massacred by the fascists in the Holocaust.

The Freedom Flotilla comprised six ships carrying 10,000 tonnes of aid, including materials for the reconstruction of the infrastructure and housing, medical and educational supplies, clothes and food. The 700 or so people on board came from over 50 countries and included parliamentarians, journalists and peace activists. They wanted to highlight the illegal blockade of Gaza by Israel and Egypt that is preventing 75% of the daily supplies needed by the people of Gaza. The blockade prevents even the most basic of items from being imported from clothes, fruit juice and fuel to building materials needed to repair the houses, schools, hospitals and other buildings destroyed by Israeli bombardment.

Eh Din calls on all peace and justice-loving people to join their voices in vigorously condemning this barbaric attack and the Zionist war crimes against the Palestinian people It calls upon people to join in the actions of protest and of support of the Palestinian peoples’ cause, as well as to demand the release of all those volunteers now being held by the Israeli regime.

Condemn the Criminal Zionist Attack on the Gaza Flotilla!

Condemn all war crimes and bring war criminals to justice.

Support the Palestinian people and their just cause!

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