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Call of RCPB(ML) on the Occasion of May Day 2010: Day of the International Working Class

Break with the Old and Build the New! Defend the Rights of All!

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Break with the Old and Build the New! Defend the Rights of All!

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Call of RCPB(ML) on the Occasion of May Day 2010: Day of the International Working Class

Break with the Old and Build the New! Defend the Rights of All!

On the occasion of May Day, 2010, our Party, the Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist), in the name of the working class of England, Scotland and Wales, sends its militant internationalist greetings to the workers and oppressed people of all lands who are fighting for their rights and in particular their right to chart their own destiny without imperialist interference. RCPB(ML) greets the working class and people in Britain who are fighting for their rights under the conditions of the anti-social offensive and the warmongering and annexationist agenda of the rich. The people will not give up their struggle no matter how the parties of the Westminster cartel block their empowerment, and the working class and people will win!

Only the working class can lead society out of the crisis of economic meltdown and war towards a pro-social and anti-war alternative. The working class must firmly put on the agenda the necessity to bring into being the alternative, to break with the old world and begin to establish the new. The working class must declare that the programme of paying the rich and the pro-war consensus at the heart of the rule of the owners of capital must not be allowed to succeed. This determination must be transformed into action in order to plant and nurture the alternative, the new society, a socialist Britain and the International of all working peoples, the poor, the oppressed and exploited, the minorities and the billions of humanity who are striving to uphold their dignity as working people and as human beings, in which they and they alone control the direction of the socialised economy and outlaw war and aggression.

It is particularly important to emphasise on this May Day 2010 that the working class must bring into being an anti-war government that is pledged to settle any international disputes without resorting to force and threats of war. The troops must be brought home immediately! No troops on foreign soil! Britain out of NATO! For a foreign policy independent of the US! Uphold the sovereignty of all nations! End the militarisation of the economy!

In preparing to bring about the alternative to the old world, the working class and people of Britain must right at this time engage in political life with the perspective of ending their marginalisation from political affairs and from decision-making. The working class must take the lead in building the Workers’ Opposition. A new direction for the economy based on the working class taking hold of what belongs to it! Reject monopoly right, exploitation and competition! No to the class privilege of the rich! Mobilise to uphold the public good!

The working class must organise itself as a class in itself and for itself. To build a powerful Workers' Opposition, the working class must have its own thinking, perspective and programme. By establishing a powerful Workers' Opposition and advancing its own independent movement and programme, the working class will be rallying round itself all those opposed to the reactionary anti-social, anti-worker, pro-war offensive of the monopolies and their political representatives, and advancing along the line of march to a new socialist society. It must strengthen its vision of this new socialist Britain, in which the rights of every person are recognised by virtue of their being human, in which the working class controls what belongs to it, and in which the broad masses of the people are empowered. The working class must reaffirm its leadership in politics, the economy and society, and assert its determination to defend the rights of all!

RCPB(ML) calls on the working class and people to take up for solution right now the issue of electing an anti-war government. Not a single youth for imperialist war, not a single worker or intellectual for war production! Build the Workers’ Opposition to fight in defence of the rights of all and to nurture the pro-social alternative on the soil of Britain! Working class, take up responsibility for leading the way out of the crisis and building a new society!

Workers and Oppressed Peoples of All Countries, Unite!

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