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May Day 2010

All Out to Participate in May Day Events, Day of the International Working Class, Day of Unity and Struggle, in Defence of the Rights of All!

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Isle of Wight Prepares for its First May Day Celebration

Celebrate May Day 2010

EuroMayDay Parade

May Day Organising in the US

Workers' Representatives from 21 Countries to Celebrate May Day in Cuba

May Day Concert - New Music for May Day

Keeping May Day Alive

Concert - For An Anti-War Government

Workers' Memorial Day – April 28, 2010

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May Day 2010

All Out to Participate in May Day Events, Day of the International Working Class, Day of Unity and Struggle, in Defence of the Rights of All!

Isle of Wight Prepares for its First May Day Celebration

Ryde and East Wight Trades Council

May First, International Workers' Day, will be celebrated on the Isle of Wight this year. It is the first of its kind. Workers, retirees, youth and the community are being invited to attend a major function taking place in Newport. The trades unions and trades councils of Ryde and Newport will sponsor the event. Other democratic organisations such as the Isle of Wight Palestine Friendship are supporting. Vestas workers are also in support of this memorable and historic event.

At the centre of this year's May Day scenario is the current onslaught on public sector workers and public service programmes by all levels of government. It is also taking place in the context of a General Election. It is a chance for workers to again reiterate their programme that: more is put into the island economy than is taken out; the rights of the monopolies, like Vestas, to up sticks and move out are curtailed and public right is upheld; an integrated, publicly owned transport system is developed; Isle of Wight citizens are looked after in their old age with a decent standard of living; and a fully funded care programme is installed with guaranteed care for all senior citizens. We call for investment in and support for a sustainable green economy and manufacture of wind-turbines to take place on the island.

On this particular Mayday, we want to emphasise our commitment on the island to social programmes and support our St Mary’s hospital and invest in our education service to the highest degree. We stand side by side with students in their demands for grants instead of fees.

Workers are opposed to the council’s plans to slash jobs and privatisation schemes like PFI. The closure of the tax office also threatens many jobs.

Both national and local budgets after the election will move against the people with cuts. At the same time, banks are still being supported.

Recruitment for war in Afghanistan is taking place with other wars being planned. We want to stop this and install an anti-war government. We call for the end of occupations of other countries including Iraq and Palestine. The working class is opposed to racism in any shape or form. We call for an end to the Europe of the monopolies and we demand withdrawal from the capitalist EU. May Day celebrates the democracy aspirations of the working class and wants to resolve the problem of labour representation by calling for democratic renewal of the political system.

May Day is an ideal occasion for workers, the labour movement and all the people to give another resounding rejection to this national escalation of aggression against public sector workers, collective agreements and pension funds, and to stand for public services that serve the needs of the people.

We will demand an end to unemployment and low pay, and fight for guarantees for better working conditions and the social well-being and rights of all citizens, without any kind of exclusion. The worsening situation facing working people is aggravated by the world social and economic situation, marked by the expansion of multiple crises generated by neo-liberal globalisation which affect all of society's sectors and in particular the families of poor workers.

May Day will also be dedicated to international solidarity with all those fighting against foreign intervention, war and violence, plunder and exploitation, with the demand to end the occupations of Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine. We will fight to demand the end of the blockade of Cuba, oppose aggression against the DPRK and demand, "Hands Off Venezuela!"

All Out for May Day!

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Celebrate May Day 2010

assemble 1200 at Clerkenwell Green move off to Trafalgar Square 1300


Speakers include

Megan Dobney SERTUC Regional Secretary
Tony Benn
Ken Livingstone
Thierry Schaffauser

plus trade union speakers

& international solidarity including
Palestine & Turkey

Joint Chairs


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EuroMayDay Parade

May Day 2010 – Milan, Porta Ticinese

On May 1, 2010, thousands of people are returning to the streets of Milan for the EuroMayDay Parade, to show pride, joy and anger of the people suffering insecurity and uncertainty. The years 2001 to 2010 in Europe have been ten years of attacks on rights and wages, but ten years of struggle and sacrifice, of strong opposition against racism and intolerance and against the policies of insecurity, against the culture of profit, and for security for all.

The crisis has hit hard and driven down living conditions. It has been used by businesses and owners to close down industries and carry out so-called restructuring. In many cases, workers have fought these attacks, and struggles have shaken communities and places of production.

This Mayday, after ten years, the people stubbornly continue to demand justice for all people, to call for the defence of immigrants, of the older generation, of the impoverished and workers who have become the victims of outsourcing and are disenfranchised.

The EuroMayDay Parade gives the call: From Dortmund, Geneva, Hamburg, Hanau, Lisbon, L'Aquila, Lausanne, Malaga, Milan, Palermo, Tubingen, Zurich, Tokyo, Toronto and Tsukuba, let us unite against the crisis and raise the banner of May Day!

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May Day Organising in the US

Recent years have seen the vigorous revival of May Day across the United States as a day of mass actions of the working class, particularly through opposition to the criminalisation of immigrant and migrant workers who are an integral part of the US working class.

Voice of Revolution , a publication of the US Marxist-Leninist Organisation, points out: "Cities across the country are organising marches, rallies, socials and more for May Day 2010. Atlanta, New York City, Buffalo, Detroit, Chicago, Madison, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Memphis, Dallas, Los Angeles, Portland, Maine and Portland, Oregon are some of the cities already working to develop broad unity in action. A main aim of the work is to strengthen the fighting unity of all the organised forces standing for rights. Many are strengthening their working relations and building support among the people. Everywhere organisers are standing up for the rights of workers, whether working or unemployed, the rights of immigrants, whether documented or undocumented, the rights of the youth to education and a bright future, the right to healthcare and more. The demands Stop the Raids and Deportations, Legalisation Now! are widespread as is All for One and One for All!"

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Workers' Representatives from 21 Countries to Celebrate May Day in Cuba

As of mid-April, more than 500 workers' representatives from 21 countries had confirmed their presence at the central May Day activities in Cuba to reaffirm their solidarity with the Cuban Revolution.

Raymundo Navarro, member of the national secretariat of the Central Organisation of Cuban Trade Unions (CTC), said that the visitors will complete an extensive programme of activities starting on April 26, including visits to centres of historic, economic, cultural, and social interest in various provinces.

They will also participate in the traditional Solidarity with Cuba Conference and an event marking the 65th anniversary of the Americas region of the World Federation of Trade Unions.

During their visit to Cuba, they will also learn about the case of the five Cuban heroes imprisoned in the United States since 1998 for fighting terrorism. The CTC also announced a debate to be held in an online forum on April 23 entitled, "For the release of the five Cuban Antiterrorist prisoners", with the participation of CTC leaders as one of the actions to celebrate May Day.

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May Day Concert

New Music for May Day

Saturday, May 1, 2010



St Bride Foundation, Bride Lane, Fleet Street, London EC4Y 8EQ

Tickets £10 (£6 concessions) available on the door

The time is here, the time is now,
the time has come for you and for I.

Seize the time in the here and the now,
for the sake of that which yearns for the sky.

Lay the claims, transform the world,
for you and for I with a million songs.


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May Day 2010

Keeping May Day Alive

30 April 2010, 7.00pm, at The Clock in Hebburn

Music from Steve Daggett (ex Lindisfarne).

Speakers will be Hannah Walters - UNISON, Dave Douglas - political activist and writer, and Tony Dowling (North East Network of Shop Stewards).

South Tyneside May Day Committee

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South Tyneside Stop the War Coalition Present:


For An Anti-War Government


Wednesday April 28th, 7.30pm The Office, Victoria Road South Shields (Metro Chichester)


The Panic Report

Plus other Poetry and Songs

Tickets £4 unwaged £2

Proceeds to the South Tyneside Stop the War Coalition in support of South Shields anti-war candidates Roger Nettleship - Fight for An Anti-War Government and Shirley Ford of the Green Party.

Published by the South Tyneside Stop the War Coalition
c/o Trinity Social Centre, Laygate, South Shields.
Tickets: phone 07796267722

South Tyneside Stop the War Coalition 


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Workers' Memorial Day – April 28, 2010

National Events

Mourn for the Dead: Fight for the Living

  1. In workplaces up and down there will be a minutes silence to commemorate the day, either at 12 noon, or at a time that suits the workplace.

London, South and Eastern

  1. Chelmsford
    There will be a rally at 1pm in Central Park, Chelmsford, at the Memorial Tree, close to the lake and bowling green. There is also a Health & Safety Exhibition in Chelmsford Library's Public Square from 25 April to 1 May.
  2. London
    The Olympic Park and Olympic Village sites will observe a minute silence.
  3. Waltham Forest
    Workers Memorial Day service at 1pm at the London Borough of Waltham Forest's town hall complex. All trade unions are welcome to attend , wreaths and branch banners also welcome. Ribbons will be on sale with all donations given to charity.For further info e-mail   su@unison-wf.fsnet.co.uk
  4. London
    The Construction Safety campaign have organised a rally with speakers at the statue of the building worker opposite Tower Hill underground Station next to Tower Bridge at 9:30. This will be followed at 11:30 by a march from Pudding Mill lane to Westfield Site next to Stratford Station for Rally with speakers

South West

  1. Penzance
    On Sunday 25th April, 6pm at Trinity Methodist Church, The Centre, Chywoone Hill, Newlyn, Penzance TR18 5AR there will be a memorial service. On WMD itself, 28th April, at 12 noon, there will be a wreath laying and short service at the Memorial Tree in Penlee Park, Penzance (Use entrance above the Library).
  2. Jersey
    A wreath is to be laid on the day at 12 noon at Howard Davis Park at the workers memorial bench.
  3. Guernsey
    A small service with wreath laying is to be taken by the Dean of Guernsey at 11.am on the Albert Pier, St Peter Port, near the site of the granite workers memorial bench.


  1. Wolverhampton
    Commemoration at 12.30pm at the Cenotaph in front of the Civic Centre and St Peters' church Wolverhampton.WV1 1TS. Wreath laying ceremony & balloon release. Speakers include, Warinder Juss (GMB) of Thompsons’ Solicitors, Nick Kelleher, Secretary WB&DTUC and Rev. Ruth Reynolds-Tyson, Industrial Chaplain.
  2. Coventry
    A commemoration will be held between 12 noon and 1.00pm in the garden between St Mary’s Street and Bayley Lane, Coventry- All welcome
  3. Bolsover
    On Friday 30th April 2010, (Market Day),there will be a parade of a wooden coffin from Shirebrook Church, down to the Market Square. At the Market Square the local Vicar and an Industrial Vicar will bless the coffin and say a prayer for all those who died at work, followed by speeches. Assemble, Shirebrook Market at 10:30
  4. Birmingham
    There will be a Celebration commencing at 12.30pm at St Philips Churchyard, Colmore Row, Birmingham. Organised by Birmingham Trades Union Council, jointly with the West Midlands Hazards Trust. There will be various speakers.
  5. Solihull
    Meet at Brueton Gardens (opp Barley Mow Pub) at 12:30 for an event. Among the speakers will be the Lord Mayor of Solihull
  6. Mansfield
    Over 350 workers construction staff and office staff at the Skanska Kings Mill Hospital site in Mansfield will gather together to see the Unveiling of a commemorative plaque, 2 minutes silence will follow speeches given by S. Tavener (Skanska Project Director), S. Murphy (UCATT Midlands Regional Secretary) and other dignitaries.
  7. Darlington
    Darlington Unison are holding a WMD stall in the town hall on the day.
  8. Dudley
    Dudley Trade Council have organised an event at 12 noon  Coronation Gardens, Priory Road, Dudley, (Opposite Council House). There will be a minutes silence at 12 noon followed by speakers from local trade unions.
  9. Walsall
    There is a celebration at 12 noon at the WMD Tree on the Green outside St.Matthews Church, Market WS1 3DG
  10. Northampton
    Northampton Trades Council is holding a stall in Abington St in Northampton 11.30 to 12.30 on the 28th and will distribute leaflets on WMD and H&S issues. There will be a one minute silence at 12.00 followed by speakers.
  11. Leicester
    Leicester and District Trades Council is holding a Workers Memorial Day event at Leicester Town Hall from 11:00 to 14:00 on 28 April. The Lord Mayor Roger Blackmore has been invited (and is expected to attend at about 12:00). The Mayor of our twin town Krefeld will be in Leicester for a civic visit and may also be present. There will be speeches and stalls, and wreaths will be laid by the memorial tree. There will be a ½ hour non-denominational service at 12:30 in the nearby Bishop Street Methodist Church
  12. Nottingham
    East Midlands Unison are organising a service of remembrance on the 28th, from 1pm, at Saint Peters Church, St Peters Square, Nottingham.  Those killed, injured, or made ill by their work will be remembered.
  13. Rugby
    A Joint PCS, POA, National Offender Management Service tree planting ceremony will be taking place at Prison Service College Newbold Revel Rugby at 12 noon on April 28th

Yorkshire and the Humber

  1. Immingham
    Service, laying of wreaths and rally at 10.30am at the Workers Memorial in the Grounds of the War Memorial Pelham Road Immingham. Anyone wishing to help support or wish to attend and lay wreaths please contact  hwstyles@yahoo.co.uk
  2. Grimsby
    Service, laying of wreaths and rally at 1.00pm.   Location the Workers Memorial in the Grounds of the War Memorial Nunn’s Corner Grimsby. Anyone wishing to help support or wish to attend and lay wreaths please contact  hwstyles@yahoo.co.uk
  3. Cleethorpes
    Service, laying of wreaths  and rally at 300pm at the Workers Memorial in the Pier Gardens Alexandra Road Cleethorpes. Anyone wishing to help support or wish to attend and lay wreaths please contact  hwstyles@yahoo.co.uk
  4. Sheffield
    There will be a ceremony at 12:30pm at the Sheffield workers memorial tree at the Town Hall. A wreath will be laid by the Lord Major, followed by speeches.
  5. Bradford
    There will be an event at the new Memorial Garden (Behind Bradford City Hall) at 12.00 noon. There will be a minute’s silence and placing of wreathes and flowers at the new workers’ memorial plaque in the memorial gardens. Bradford Council will also be lowering the flags on the City Hall as a mark of respect.  UCATT is also requesting that Belfour workers take time out from the city centre construction and join in on the memorial.
  6. Leeds
    Leeds Metropolitan University branch of UCU have organised a Workers Memorial Day event to be held in room BPA102 of the University’s New Broadcasting Place Building between 11.00 and 13.00 on the 28th April.

North West

  1. Preston
    1st May. Service at 11:00 at Preston Flower Market followed by a short march to the Corn Exchange on Lune Street, where the Wreath laying ceremony takes place. Entertainment and refreshments will be provided at a local venue afterwards.
  2. Chorley
    Memorial Service in Astley Park, Chorley at the Unite WMD tree starting at 6.00 pm prompt on April 30th. This will be followed by a Health and Safety conference at Chorley Town Hall at 6.30 pm. Contact Steve Turner on 07838402614.
  3. Manchester
    Workshop for Health and Safety reps from 9.30 am at the Mechanics Institute, Manchester on April 28th.  At 11.30 am there will be march to the Peace Gardens followed by a minutes silence at 12.00 noon.  This will be followed by music from Claire Mooney and speakers including trade union safety reps and Families Against Corporate Killers (FACK).
  4. Liverpool
    The commemoration will take place at 12 noon on the South Piazza of Georges Dock Building
    (Corner of Mann Island and the Strand), Pier Head, Liverpool L3 1DD. Speakers to include representatives from local Trade Unions, Business community, Asbestos Awareness and Solicitors
  5. Elsmere Port
    The Shell Stanlow Manufacturing Complex at Ellesmere Port holds a "Safety Standstill"  between 11.30am and 12 noon every Wednesday when everyone stops work and discusses a safety topic.  On 28th April, Workers' Memorial Day will be the discussion topic and there will be a minute's silence at the start of the Standstill
  6. Liverpool
    UCATT are organising a memorial service to be held at the UCATT memorial, Hunter Street, Liverpool, L3 at 11.45. Speakers at the event will include John Thompson UCATT President, Bill Parry, UCATT Regional Council Chairman, Steve Rotherham, Labour Prospective Parliamentary Candidate, Liverpool Walton and a representative of the Health and Safety Executive.
  7. Blackburn
    The local Trades Council is inviting members to commemorate Workers Memorial Day  12.30, lunchtime,  by the Workers Memorial Tree, (Sudell Cross) end of Northgate.


  1. The Northern TUC is holding a Health and Safety Forum training day will be held on Wednesday 28th April 2010 at the Memorial Hall in Wallsend. The training day will start at 10:00am with refreshments and registration. Following lunch, delegates will make their way to St Luke’s Church to attend a Workers’ Memorial Day service and banner blessing. Register interest or request more information from Melanie Lowden 0191 232 3175, mlowden@tuc.org.uk
  2. Hartlepool
    A Workers Memorial Day Remembrance Service will take place on at 12.30pm, Christchurch TIC & Art Gallery, Church Square, Hartlepool followed by a laying of the. The training room, Municipal Buildings, Church Square, will be available from 12 noon for people to congregate. Tea / Coffee etc will be available. A lone Scottish piper will be playing in Church Square from 11.45am and will ‘pipe’ guests and attendees from / to Christchurch at 12.20pm to take their seats in time for the minutes silence at 12.30pm at the start of the service. After the Service the Wreath Laying Ceremony will take place at the Workers Memorial in Church Square.
  3. Crook
    7.00pm. St.Thomas’s Church, Stanley Village (B6299), Crook, Co. Durham, DL15
    Contact Dave: 0138 876 2461


  1. Inverclyde.
    Workers Memorial Day will be commemorated with a service of remembrance and wreath-laying at Clyde square Greenock, at 11:00 am. Following the service there will be a minutes silence followed by a lament from a lone piper.
  2. Aberdeen
    There will be a seminar in the morning in the Town  Hall, followed by wreath laying ceremony at Persley Gardens Memorial.
  3. Bathgate
    There is a seminar at Bathgate Sports Centre between 10:00 and 12 noon, followed by a Ceremony at 12:30
  4. Coatbridge
    There will be a ceremony between 12 noon and 1.00 pm at Summerlee Industrial Museum, Coatbridge
  5. Edinburgh
    There is a  wreath laying ceremony, at 12:30 at West Princes Street Gardens
  6. Clydebank
    There will be a ceremony at 12 noon on 24th April at Clydebank Town Hall
  7. Falkirk
    There is a wreath laying ceremony at 12:00 noon at Falkirk Town Hall
  8. Greenock
    There is a ceremony at Clyde Square at 11.00 am
  9. Kilmarnock
    There is a ceremony atDean Country Park, Kilmarnock. Assemble at Dower House at 11:00
  10. Midlothian
    The annual commemoration will be held at 12:30 at George V Park, Bonnybrigg.
  11. South Lanarkshire
    The local authority and the Unison branch are holding a seminar on health and safety, followed by a commemoration and wreath laying at the Workers Memorial plaque in the grounds of the council head quarters.  This plaque was unveiled last year.  There will be speakers from the STUC and the Scottish Government.


  1. Wales TUC will be holding a balloon release to commemorate the workers who have been killed at work in the last ten years. The Workers’ Memorial Day ceremony will take place outside the National Assembly for Wales Senedd building in Cardiff Bay at 12.30pm on Wednesday 28th April 2010. There will be short speeches from Wales TUC General Secretary Martin Mansfield, Health and Safety Executive Divisional Director for Wales Terry Rose and from Thompsons Solicitors (tbc).

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