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Election Meeting

Workers Party Stands in Lewisham and Greenwich

A lively election meeting was held in Catford on June 24. The six Workers Party candidates for Lewisham and Greenwich participated, along with Workers Party leader George Galloway. All candidates loudly supported Palestine and condemned the Labour and Conservative parties for their backing of Israeli atrocities and their failure to call for a ceasefire.

George Galloway pointed out that since October Israel has dropped more bombs on Gaza than were unleashed on Dresden, Hamburg and London during the Second World War.

All the Workers Party candidates said "we want peace". They condemned the West's military interventions around the world led by the US, and they opposed NATO, saying that Britain should not be involved in foreign wars. George Galloway spoke of the grave danger of a third world war.

The candidates together with George Galloway all said that both the Labour and Conservative parties were warmongers and had nothing to offer working people. Several candidates spoke of the need for local communities to assert their rights and make their own decisions. They all urged everyone to vote for the Workers Party or an independent candidate.

The Workers Party of Britain is standing 152 candidates throughout England, Scotland and Wales. It is also endorsing a number of candidates of other affiliations.

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