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Keep Our NHS Public (KONP)

KONP General Election Statement

Keep Our NHS Public (KONP) have issued a statement for the General Election. KONP says:

"The NHS needs a sea-change in policy from a new political leadership in government. Keep Our NHS Public will be highlighting the record of those in government to asking voters to select those who will best support a public and well-funded NHS, and move to establish a publicly funded national care, support and independent living service. This requires a fundamental change in perspective - one that regards funding of public services as an investment in human well-being and an underpinning of a productive economy. Good public services maximise the ability of people to participate in society and a productive economy - they are not simply a cost to be grudgingly accepted."

KONP gives a call to end private involvement in NHS-delivered health care which, it says, is not just a question of principle. Privatisation means fragmentation and undermining of safe NHS provision, the statement says.

The statement points out: "The NHS needs stability and urgent funding, not reform and further reorganisation. NHS staff and services need security to do their job and to treat patients safely and well. Primary and community care, hospitals and public health desperately need urgent support."

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