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Representing the Deep Humanity of the Doctors Who Serve in Gaza

May 18 London, 76 Years of the Nakba

A doctor who has served in Gaza throughout the Israeli genocide at Al-Shifa and other hospitals was in Newcastle on Tuesday, May 28, at the Star and Shadow Cinema to share his experience of serving at multiple hospitals in Gaza within the ongoing genocide.

Hundreds were present in this very moving meeting in which medics and non-medics took part. It is hard to report in words the reality of these war crimes. The doctors explained about the genocide of their people - men, women and children - alongside whom they fought to save untold lives right from the start. Hospitals were being destroyed one by one till there are now none left. In the course of the carnage thousands of Palestinian people and over 600 medics were murdered by the onslaught.

Doctors were operating without electricity, anaesthetics, vital drugs and medicine, and food, as well as being constantly bombed. The doctor who spoke had to carry out amputations without any anaesthetics A health service better than in many parts of Britain has all been destroyed. All the kidney specialists, for example, have been killed so that all their patients are now dying. The Zionists are killing nurses, doctors and paramedics. Yet the wonderful humanity of the doctors shone through all these atrocities which were horrific. It was described how all the babies were murdered in the maternity hospital, left to die in their cots by the Israeli military as they forced everyone to leave and preventing them from returning. When they did return, film evidence shows the dead decaying bodies of babies in the incubators.

The doctors fought on. The main message that came from the meeting is that the Palestinian people will prevail, that they will return even stronger, and that these monsters will be defeated!!!

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