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King's College London Palestine Action

KCL Palestine Action Statement on the London Defence Conference

KCL Palestine Action, on behalf of the students and faculty of King's College London, fiercely opposes the London Defence Conference 2024 with all our might. We shall affirm that the campus belongs to us, not to war-criminals and scoundrels! This event last year platformed the war-criminal and genocidaire, PM Rishi Sunak.

The London Defence Conference endeavours to legitimise and broadcast the terrorist and genocidal ends of the UK and NATO. Its theme for 2024 is "deterrence". Yet it is NATO who are the most shameless aggressors. It is the NATO imperialists - unconstrained by any moral qualms, norms, rules or laws - who commit genocide, which we have seen in Palestine today, and who violate the political and economic sovereignty of any country that attempts an independent road.

By LDC advocating for "strengthening defences", what is being defended? A structure of imperialism and systematic plundering, for the benefit of a tiny cartel of bankers and warlords. They are advocating "defence" against the forces that righteously try to resist this system.

It is the NATO aggressors, a military alliance formed from the colonial powers and Nazi remnants, who have left a path of devastation and massacres in their wake. And it is these same warlords, and the obsequious KCL War Studies professors who propagandise on their behalf, who have the audacity to use our campus for their terrorist ends. They vainly attempt to infect our community with their rabid bloodlust - a community of whom many are diaspora from the panoply of terrorist wars that NATO have waged, the sons and daughters of those NATO murdered in cold blood.

Now they come to our campus to drum-up and provoke war with Russia and China!

KCL Action will be leading the opposition against this shameful event. Our numbers will show that the entire King's Community stands behind us in our disdain for NATO and their terrorist actions. Our opposition to this sordid event is in line with our advocacy for demilitarisation at KCL - a concrete demand we will be delivering in our hardly-fought meeting with the complicit KCL vice-chancellor Shitij Kapur on May 30. KCL are not only enablers of these warlords, but have financial investments and partnerships in arms companies, totalling over £52,000,000. They are a partner in these crimes!

KCL Action, through its resolute political line of demilitarisation, is in active solidarity with all the oppressed peoples of the world who are courageously resisting the NATO imperialists and their proxies.

Be prepared for strong action against this despicable event. We owe our voice and our efforts to the martyrs, to the students of Palestine whose schools and universities have been obliterated by the cowardly occupiers and to the billions around the world who are crippled by NATO's aggressions!

The students and faculty of KCL assert...
No to war!
Yes to demilitarisation!
No warmongers and genocidaires on our campus!
Down with the London Defence Conference!
Down with NATO!
Long live the student intifada!

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