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Stop the Genocide in Gaza! Stop Arming Israel! Ceasefire Now!

Success on Campus for the Progressive Forces against the Israeli-Zionists

Kings College London (KCL) Israel Society were given permission to host an event which would be led by Ely Lasman and Kiyah Willis. Ely Lasman - the main target of the KCL students' disgust - served in the 401st brigade of the "Israel Defence Forces" (IDF), notorious for various crimes against humanity, and often dubbed the IOF "Israel Occupation Forces".

This event was scheduled for Wednesday, March 20, on KCL campus. However, students set about organising a counter-protest for that day to disrupt the event, which was already very secretive and heavily policed to deter any attempt of disruption. By the night of Tuesday, March 19, thousands of KCL and non-KCL students were planning on attending the protest.

This led to the KCL Israel Society - not KCL themselves - cancelling the event citing "security concerns". The Society instead held the event online whereby the Zionist-Fascists tried to spin the events, playing the victim-card, minimising the resolve the multitude of students who were planning on protesting.

It can be concluded that the Zionist war criminal was prevented from stepping foot on campus by the heroic resolve of thousands of students.

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