- Global Day of Action for Palestine: The World Is On Gaza's Side
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Global Day of Action for Palestine

The World Is On Gaza's Side

Stop the War Coalition Newsletter - February 16

Despite all of the misery, murder and despair that has taken place in Gaza over recent months it is always worth remembering that the overwhelming majority of people on earth stand with the people of Palestine and against Israel's vicious genocide. 84% of UN member states recognise the state of Palestine and countless millions of people have come out across the globe to show their support with Palestine since October. The US and UK governments are extremely isolated in their wholehearted support for Israel's war crimes.

Tomorrow is another Global Day of Action for Palestine with more than 100 cities across the globe coming out to call for justice for the Palestinians. We are urging people to use the hashtags #GazaGlobalAction and #FreePalestine to send a collective plea around the world for an end to the suffering in Gaza.

30,000 have already been killed, including 13,000 children and 50% of homes destroyed. The devastation extends to critical infrastructure, with nearly all hospitals, schools, and universities reduced to rubble.

We cannot stand by while this genocide is taking place before our eyes. This is why we must once again take to the streets. In the UK we're asking all our supporters to join us tomorrow (Sat 17 Feb) in central London, Cardiff or Glasgow and take part in the Global Day of Action, demanding an immediate ceasefire.

In London, we are assembling at Marble Arch (Speaker's Corner) at 12.30pm to march to the Israeli Embassy, London, W8. Join us.


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