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June 7 Election 2001

RCPB(ML) to Participate by Supporting Candidates of the Alternative


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June 7 Election 2001:
RCPB(ML) to Participate by Supporting Candidates of the Alternative

Demonstration against Terrorism Act

May Day 2001 (Continued) :
London Information Bureau of DHKC Issues May Day Statement
Colombia: Salute To the Workers on Their Day, From the FARC-EP

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June 7 Election 2001

RCPB(ML) to Participate by Supporting Candidates of the Alternative


With the announcement of the date of the General Election as June 7, 2001, RCPB(ML) is declaring that the Party will participate in the elections by supporting candidates who represent an alternative to the party-dominated system of government.

By supporting such alternative candidates, and putting the full weight of the Party behind the struggle of the working class and people to stop the "Third Way" programme of New Labour, RCPB(ML) will use the election campaign to plant the alternative on the soil of Britain.

By supporting such alternative candidates, and building the workers’ opposition, RCPB(ML) is declaring that the workers themselves must become worker politicians, and constitute themselves as the alternative to the party-dominated political system. It is the people who must decide the direction of the economy and become the decision-makers in society. This is what our Party means by the alternative. It is the alternative to electing the big parties to political office. It is the alternative to the agenda of making the monopolies successful in the global marketplace.

By supporting such alternative candidates, and vigorously opposing the offensive of the rich against society, RCPB(ML) is calling on the working class to take the lead in solving the problems of society. The agenda of the working class is to put the people’s well-being at the centre of all decision-making. It is to bring into being a society in which the rights of every person are recognised because they are human beings.

The June 7 election is being used as a confidence trick to bring New Labour back into power when it will claim that it has a mandate to carry out its "Third Way". By building the workers’ opposition to the "Third Way", this confidence trick will be exposed as the fraud that it is. By building the workers’ opposition to the "Third Way", the workers, women, youth and other sections of society will find a rallying point for their demand of "No Further!" to the programme of devastation, poverty and war.

The June 7 election is presenting fraudulent choices to the electorate, as previous elections have done. The workers and other sections of the people have had no say in selecting the candidates nor in formulating the manifestos. To build the opposition to a political system where the parties are nothing but electoral machines is to plant the alternative. This alternative involves workers and other sections of the people in selecting candidates for election from among their peers, and in participating in setting the agenda for society on the new historical basis.

Tony Blair is calling on the electorate to make "tough choices" in order to elect New Labour for a second term. Let the workers unite to reject these "tough choices"! These "tough choices" hold no alternative for the people! Let the people decide to become the decision makers themselves! This is the alternative!

Support Candidates of the Alternative!

Build the Workers’ Opposition to the "Third Way"!

This is the Way Forward!

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Demonstration against Terrorism Act

A demonstration was held on Tuesday, May 8, outside the Home Office in London against the Terrorism Act.

The demonstration was organised to show opposition to one of the key provisions of one of the Labour government’s most dangerous pieces of legislation. In February, the Home Secretary Jack Straw used his power under the Act to "proscribe" 21 political groups based abroad. The membership of these groups, or even professed membership, in this country now becomes a criminal offence.

Liberty, the organisation in England and Wales which aims to protect civil liberties and promote human rights, says regarding the Act that banning organisations and criminalising membership is a serious attack on the basic rights of free speech and free assembly. If people involved in organisations commit offences, they can be arrested and prosecuted under the existing law. If there is no evidence, guilt by association is wrong in principle. The new Act extends the definition of "terrorism" so widely that it encompasses even those suspected of being involved in destroying GM crops.

Liberty goes on to say of the draconian law that it is now a criminal offence to help organise a meeting which will be addressed by someone who professes to belong to a proscribed organisation. The person does not have to be an actual member of the organisation. At the meeting he or she need not talk about the organisation at all. The maximum penalty for these offences under the Act is ten years in prison.

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May Day 2001

We are continuing our May Day coverage with the following two articles:

London Information Bureau of DHKC Issues May Day Statement

The Statement, "Long Live MayDay!", issued by the London Information Bureau of DHKC (Revolutionary People’s Liberation Front) of Turkey begins by hailing the resistance of the poor people of Turkey to the state. It declares that the resistance will continue.

The statement says: "Our resistance will continue against the IMF’s rule in our country and for living with our beliefs both inside and outside the prisons. The Death Fast resistance is not an ordinary one. This resistance represents the revolt of those who are oppressed by tyranny. It is a struggle for independence against the IMF and their collaborators in Turkey. It is a struggle for defending the freedom of thought and opposing the Yankee culture in our land. It carries the revolutionary and socialist beliefs to 65 million people. It is a struggle for rights and liberties, which claims lives. The revolutionary prisoners and our people will not accept the kind of life that is enforced by the USA and the Turkish state."

Referring to the banning of the DHKP-C by the British state under the Terrorism Act 2000, the statement reads: "No country, no government which defends freedom of thought and freedom of association can ban thoughts and organisations. If there are bans, that means there is no democracy but only interests are being served. What interests are the British state defending by banning the DHKC?

"Banning the DHKC is a matter of serving fascism in Turkey. A state which supports fascism is also opposed to freedom of thought and freedom of association. Banning the DHKC, which opposes fascism in Turkey and struggles for justice, freedom, equality and democracy, means helping the fascist regime in Turkey to continue its existence. It means there is no justice, democracy, freedom and equality. A state which fails to defend freedom of thought and freedom of association cannot call its own country a democracy and is not able to practise democracy."

The statement continues: "The British government, which says that in its country freedom of thought and association exist for everybody, needs to explain the logic behind its ban. If the British state says that ‘there is freedom only for my ideas, and there is no freedom for those who are against imperialism’, then it has to explain this logic to the entire world."

The statement concludes: "We are not ‘terrorists’, we are revolutionaries. We are a liberation movement opposed to the fascist government in Turkey. We are fighting against a fascist regime in Turkey, and we are fighting for a country in which there is democracy, law, justice, equality, rights and freedoms. If those who want freedom, democracy, justice and equality and fight for it are terrorists, then we are terrorists. We accept that we are terrorists if terrorism is defined as above, and if it is an honour to support fascism in Turkey, we leave this honour to this government. Giving support to fascism for the sake of one’s own interests is not honourable."

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Salute To the Workers on Their Day, From the FARC-EP

May 1st 2001 Release of the International Commission of the FARC-EP

The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia – People's Army (FARC-EP) sends this revolutionary greeting of struggle and militant solidarity to the workers, for the purpose of commemorating the historic First of May, 1886, the universal International Day of the Working Class. Proudly remembering the outstanding struggle carried out by the workers of that time impels us to resolutely persist in the class struggle in the face of those who from the power of the capitalist system try to restrict the rights of the workers. This valour of confronting the class enemy in order to win the eight-hour working day so as to also have eight hours for study and eight for rest, provided resounding proof of the effectiveness of struggle for rights. Only in this way was this greatest conquest to date by workers of the world achieved. This is an achievement that with organisation and economic, political and social struggle, we must defend in order to stubbornly resist the barbarity caused by the concentration of wealth, exclusion and the globalisation of the world capitalist system's neo-liberal agenda, directed by US imperialism.

To the shame of its rulers, in Colombia, the workers of city, town and country are victims of unemployment, under-employment, low wages and merciless state terror in the form of indiscriminate assassinations, unjust threats, exile and forced migration of peasants, workers and the poor, for all of which the state and government must answer. In the name of the paramilitaries, they are regularly executed by members of the army and police. This situation proves a systematic violation of human rights and international humanitarian law for which the state and its government are responsible.

The capitalist system's policy of neo-liberal globalisation, being applied in all its rigour to Colombia by the ruling class in its known submission to the recipes dictated by the centres of world power, is the fundamental generator of the overflow of unemployment, hunger, misery and criminality. This is due to the excessive concentration of economic power in a handful of corrupt politicians and oligarchs, who then become the executioners of the workers and the people in general.

This is a situation which the Colombian guerrilla movement led by the FARC-People's Army has proposed to the national government, at the negotiating table, to resolve in favour of the poorest sectors of our country. We are certain this is the way to begin building the New Colombia, free from hunger, with free and efficient education and health care, to achieve definite and lasting peace for Colombians. The FARC-EP, in militant solidarity with the workers shall persist in the struggle for peace with social justice, real independence and sovereignty. And before the tomb of our martyrs, we say, "Instead of a minute of silence, a whole life of struggle!"

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