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Call of RCPB(ML) on the Occasion of May Day, 2001

The Working Class Must Break with the Old World and Begin to Establish the New

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Call of RCPB(ML) on the Occasion of May Day, 2001:
The Working Class Must Break with the Old World and Begin to Establish the New

Press Release of Roger Nettleship:
For Workers to Constitute Themselves as the Alternative is What Society Needs!

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Call of RCPB(ML) on the Occasion of May Day, 2001

The Working Class Must Break with the Old World and Begin to Establish the New

On the occasion of May Day, 2001, our Party, RCPB(ML), in the name of the working class of England, Scotland and Wales, sends its militant internationalist greetings to the workers and broad masses of the people of all lands, who are engaged in struggle against the imperialist manifesto of neo-liberal globalisation and are fighting for their national and social emancipation.

The old world is unable to escape from its crisis, and the imperialist bourgeoisie is causing disaster for the people in desperately blocking the path for progress and a new society. It is imposing on the people its agenda of the domination of the monopolies under the slogan of "free trade", a democracy defined as the rule of the rich and the powerful, the extinguishing of the sovereign rights of peoples and nations under the signboard of human rights and universal values, and the destruction of the social and natural environment. In Britain, the programme which goes by the name of the "Third Way" is upholding this very same agenda, while giving itself a "human face". The illusion is created that there is a way of upholding and working through the old system which will give opportunity for all. Meanwhile, this programme is actually wrecking all the gains which society has made in the 20th century.

This being the case, the working class must firmly put on the agenda the necessity to bring into being the alternative, to break with the old world and begin to establish the new. The working class must declare that the programme of the "Third Way" and the neo-liberal agenda of the international financial oligarchy must not be allowed to succeed. And this declaration must be transformed into action in order to plant the seed of the alternative, the new society, a socialist Britain and the International of all working peoples, the poor, the oppressed and exploited, the minorities and the billions of ordinary folk who are striving to uphold their dignity as human beings.

To bring into being this alternative, the demands of the working class must include:

· the people must become the decision-makers, replacing the outdated political system where parties come to power;

· the people’s well-being must be put at the centre of all decision-making, not the success of business in the global market;

· the people’s right to a livelihood, to education and to health care must be guaranteed in law, and not restricted by considerations of resources, business competitiveness, or any other limiting considerations;

· the people’s political concerns must be sorted out on a political basis, and not made the target of law-and-order measures or state repression;

· the rights of minorities must be guaranteed, with no section of the people treated as second class citizens;

· all big power chauvinism, intervention in the affairs of other peoples on the basis of supposed superiority, participation in big power political, economic and military blocs must end, it being recognised that every people has the right to live according to the social system of their choice.

In taking up and fighting that these demands be realised, workers must, among other struggles:

· fight against the retrogressive and dangerous programme of "Making Britain Great Again";

· oppose the right-wing agenda of making the "community" and individuals responsible for fending for themselves, opposing the attacks on the vulnerable, welfare recipients, immigrants, asylum seekers, and all forms of racism and racial discrimination, opposing attacks on women as "fair game" and through the policy of "volunteerism" and the promotion of the "blame culture" in social services, opposing attacks on the youth as "yobs", having "attitude problems" and as "violent", in order to criminalise their political protest and devastate the youth;

· oppose the callous disregard for the people’s safety, well-being and culture in the destruction of the natural environment, privatisation of natural resources, in nuclear, industrial and other pollution, and the destruction and undermining of the industrial and agricultural bases of the economy;

· demand an end to PFI and all other forms of the privatisation agenda which makes social programmes a source of profits for the rich.

In fulfilling their internationalist duty, workers must continue to step up their struggles to:

· oppose neo-liberal globalisation and the dictates of the IMF, the World Bank, the WTO, the EU, and all other such tools of the monopolies and the international financial oligarchy;

· demand an end to the US imperialist blockade of Cuba, the threats, aggression and interventions against all states which US imperialism and the British government and other big powers label as "rogue states", "terrorist regimes" for their own hegemonic ends, particularly the provocations against the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and the new threats to its peaceful reunification, and the imperialist provocations against other countries, including the People’s Republic of China;

· support the struggles of all peoples fighting for their national and social liberation and for a new society, and their struggles against the imposition of the values and conceptions of capitalism and globalisation under the signboard of "universal values", and "western democracy".

In preparing to bring about the alternative to the old world, the working class and people of Britain must right at this time prepare to engage in the forthcoming election campaign in particular, and political life in general, with the perspective of ending their marginalisation from political affairs and from decision-making, and furthering their struggles and their demands, as outlined above. The working class must take the lead in rallying round itself all those opposed to the reactionary "Third Way" programme that is attempting to win workers and other sections over to neo-liberalism and privatisation. They must demand, "No Further!", as the rich prepare devastation, poverty and war for the people.

In advancing its own independent movement and programme in this way, the working class will be advancing forward also to a new socialist society. It must strengthen its vision of this new socialist Britain, in which the rights of every person are recognised because they are human beings, in which the working class controls what belongs to it, and in which the broad masses of the people are empowered, and in which the political parties are prevented from coming to power.

Plant the Alternative on the Soil of Britain!
Build the Workers’ Opposition to the "Third Way"!
Break with the Old and Establish the New!
Hail May Day, Day of the Unity in Struggle of the Workers of All Lands!
Workers of All Countries, Unite!

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For Workers to Constitute Themselves as the Alternative is What Society Needs!

Press Release of Roger Nettleship
Prospective Independent Health Worker Candidate for South Shields
May 1, 2001

On this May Day, 2001, I am announcing my intention to run as a Health Worker Politician candidate in the constituency of South Shields in the forthcoming General Election.

Along with many other health workers, I recognise that the political system in which parties are elected to power will not safeguard the future of the NHS. For health workers, along with all other workers, youth and women, to constitute themselves as the alternative to this system is what society needs to lift itself out of the crisis. The people must become the decision-makers!

The present electoral and political system through which parties claim a mandate to act in the name of the people is, as regards the health service, putting increasing pressure on public health workers and other public service workers to deliver more with less staff, and low pay. I will be standing on the basis of a programme to Safeguard the Future of the NHS and to stop this "Third Way" programme of New Labour's being carried through. I will be standing on the basis of building the workers' opposition to the "Third Way", which under the guise of "modernisation" is undermining the NHS by increasingly negating the responsibility of government to provide health care equally to all at the highest level as of right. The "Third Way" is increasingly turning the NHS into a source of profit for big companies through such measures as the Private Finance Initiative and the Concordat with private hospitals.

The present electoral and political system acts as a block to marginalise health and other workers from taking the decisions in society. For example, at election time, it is the big parties who choose the candidates. The people are blocked from selecting candidates from their peers at their workplaces or in their communities. Nor are they able to choose the manifesto of these parties. The need of the time is for workers to come forward and directly intervene in politics and represent their own interests and the interests of society as a whole. In voting for the independent programme of such candidates, the workers will be voting for their own interests. This is what society needs to be able to progress.

I am standing as a health worker politician on the basis that workers must bring about a situation where they control what is produced, how their public services are safeguarded and are provided as of right and how they are funded. I am standing to uphold that it is the people who must determine the direction of the economy in their own favour by themselves becoming the decision makers.

This is the way forward! This is what is needed to plant the alternative on the soil of Britain!

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