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Step Up the Struggle against State Terrorism, Aggression and War!

- Call of RCPB(ML), October 13, 2001 -

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Step Up the Struggle against State Terrorism, Aggression and War!

Newcastle Students Hold Teach-In on the "War Against Terrorism"

Stop the War!

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Step Up the Struggle against State Terrorism, Aggression and War!

- Call of RCPB(ML), October 13, 2001 -

On the occasion of the national march and rally to stop the war, we call on all workers, youth, women and all democratic people to step up their efforts to put an end to the Anglo-US state terrorism, aggression and war against Afghanistan and its people.

There is no justice in the bombing and aggression against Afghanistan. It is nothing but war and state terrorism, designed to impose the aims of George W Bush and Tony Blair on Afghanistan and the whole world.

Tony Blair is arrogantly trying to justify this aggression by appealing to the defence of "civilised values". Does this aggression prove that these values are superior to those of the people whose suffering has been intensified many-fold through the "war against terrorism"? Of course not. It proves that Blair and Bush are following the big power policy of "Might Makes Right".

Blair and Bush are taking the law into their own hands. The aggression has no justification in international law, treating with contempt the principles of the United Nations and the will of the international community. It must be considered an act of international terrorism and a crime against humanity. Under the slogan of a "war against terrorism" Blair and Bush are waging an open-ended campaign to "re-order the world". They are giving themselves the right to act with impunity and topple governments to impose their agenda globally. At home, they oppose all dissent and are stepping up repression and attempting to divide the people on racial, religious and other grounds.

But the people are not accepting that the Anglo-US agenda should be imposed. The people’s aspiration is for a just and peaceful solution to the problems of terrorism and injustice in the world. The people want a world where the rights and sovereignty of all nations and peoples are respected, a society in which the rights of all are guaranteed, and peace and security is established.

Such a world is possible! The struggles of the working class and people to put an end to state terrorism, aggression and war are an integral part of bringing this world about.

End the State Terrorism and Aggression against Afghanistan and its People!

End All Interference and Intervention in the Affairs of Sovereign States!

For a Just and Peaceful Solution!

A Different World Is Possible!

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Newcastle Students Hold Teach-In on the "War Against Terrorism"

The Stop the War Coalition in Newcastle University organised a teach-in on Wednesday 10th October, entitled "talks and discussion about the war in Afghanistan". It was held in the debating chamber of the Students' Union building. Close to 100 students attended.

John Charlton, author of the book Taking Seattle, began the meeting by giving a talk on US foreign policy and the history of the situation in the Middle East. In his opinion, it was after the Second World War that the US truly became a global superpower. The Middle East has since then figured very highly in establishing and maintaining this position, for strategic reasons and due to its oil reserves.

During the Cold War, he said, the Middle East was central to the US anti-Soviet strategy. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the project of the US has been to reorganise and reconstruct the region to serve its imperialist needs.

He argued that the US was already constructing the hate figure of bin Laden and the Taleban, since, in his view, Afghanistan is a weak link in the region. They want to move further afield, and already the media are raising the possibility of further action against Iraq.

He said that to oppose the war, we will have to insist on some key points. First, it is not a war of democracy. The history of US allies shows the kinds of regimes that they have utilised and supported. Second, any talk of humanitarian aid is a sham, when 100,000 meals-worth of grain have been dropped at the same time as bombing a country in which 2.5 million are starving. Third, we must trash the idea that only military targets are being bombed.

He finished by saying that the anti-war movement must have no sympathy with those who would fly planes into buildings. However, we must not allow that they tell us not to oppose the war. We need to build a mass movement that does not need suicide bombs to overthrow a real evil. In his view, for the first time in a long while, everyone is coming together here - there are no divergencies. All involved are seeing from the start the link between the war and the system that gives rise to it.

Dr Barry Gills, a politics lecturer at the university, then presented his views that military action is mistaken. In his opinion, Britain and the US are doing exactly what the terrorists want. By turning the situation into a war, they have changed the whole perception of the events, and bin Laden has emerged as a revolutionary hero.

He said that there are many risks involved and such military action will inflame more anti-"western" anger. If the war is widened to include other countries, the risks will increase exponentially. "We can expect retaliation. This is not a war," he said, "it's a human tragedy of potentially unimaginable proportions."

He asked what we should do in this situation. In his opinion we must demand that there be no further military campaigns and no extension to other countries. A just solution to the palestinian situation must be found, and the war there finally ended. A special international tribunal on the events of 11th September should be established, representative of all peoples and civilisations of the world. Finally, it is now a practical problem to form a "new world order" based on justice for all people based on mutual respect, not Might Makes Right.

He finished by giving a call to go to the national demonstration in London on Saturday 13th October to say Stop the War!

After these presentations, there followed a lively discussion and debate on various issues of concern to those present, with many questions put to the speakers.

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Stop the War!

WDIE is reproducing herewith the recent Statement of the New Communist Party.

The New Communist Party of Britain condemns the attack on Afghanistan by British and United States imperialism. The NCP calls for an immediate end to the attacks against Afghanistan.

This dangerous Anglo-American imperialist intervention threatens to plunge much of Asia into communal violence and war. This imperialist onslaught, planned long before the terror attacks on New York and Washington, has nothing to do with fighting "terrorism", and cannot in any way benefit the people of Afghanistan.

The United States has used the pretext of the devastating September 11th terror attacks in the drive to impose direct imperialist control over more and more of the world in the name of the "new world order".

British and United States imperialism are not qualified to lead any campaign against "terrorism" and their claim to be acting on "humanitarian" grounds is hypocritical nonsense. Imperialism does not seek to liberate Afghanistan. It simply seeks to replace the Taleban regime with a puppet government, which will do the bidding of the Western Powers and install a direct imperialist military presence in the heart of Central Asia.

Anglo-American imperialism has no moral authority to launch this war against Afghanistan as US imperialism itself has been responsible, over the decades, for the deaths of hundreds of thousands innocent people through acts of state terror, undeclared and unprovoked war.

The problems facing the Afghan people can only be solved by the Afghan people themselves. They have the right to choose their own government and way of life without outside interference. Imperialist intervention can only lead to more bloodshed and civil strife in a country already devastated by nearly 30 years of civil war.

The savage attacks on the Pentagon and New York may well have been inspired by an Arab fundamentalist Muslim order, though that still has to be proved. What is certain is that the root cause of the violence is the continuing presence of American troops on Arabian soil and the continuing oppression of the Palestinian Arabs by Zionist Israel, condoned and encouraged by its imperialist masters.

The denial of the fundamental rights of the Palestinian Arabs has led to six major wars in the Middle East and ongoing violence since 1948. Imperialist plunder of the vast oil riches that rightfully belong to the Arab masses has led to further conflicts in the Gulf and more instability in the region. Now the violence and anger is spreading across the entire globe.

The NCP pledges its total support for the peace campaigns in Britain launched to stop the war.

Political Committee
New Communist Party of Britain

October 9, 2001

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