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Preparing for a Long-Term Offensive

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Preparing for a Long-Term Offensive

Workers' Weekly:
September 15-22 Issue of Workers’ Weekly Published

Gearing up for Imperialist War Abroad:
Blair Pledges Britain Will Be Involved in Military Strikes
Clare Short Dissents, But Supports Globalisation
Robertson Insists NATO Stands Firm
Emergency EU Summit
Massive US Deployment of Overseas Military Forces Begins

The Suicide Attacks on the US
Movement for Justice Statement on the New International Crisis

Statement of Taleban Leader
Cuba Reiterates Call for a World Awareness against Terrorism
China’s Stand

Vigil Outside Downing Street

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Preparing for a Long-Term Offensive

US President George W Bush has told the world to prepare for a long-term offensive. The issue is being raised of a "ten-year war". This is the "war against terrorism", which is to be fought across many countries and continents.

This long-term offensive is not designed to eradicate terrorism. It is even to be carried out by the method of international state terrorism. It is rather a long-term offensive by US imperialism with the aim of solving no problems but trying to stave off crisis, recession and the insurgent world peoples by imposing its dictate everywhere. George W Bush is very clear. You are either for us or against us. US imperialism is attempting to line up a whole bed full of allies behind its utilisation of military might. Its dictate is also in the interests of pursuing imperialist globalisation as the unchallenged superpower, with unfettered access to territories, airspace and oceans the world over. But being for or against this show of bullying and state terrorism means to Bush as well as to Blair the imposition of precisely the values the US imperialists stand for under the guise of "freedom", "democracy", and civilised values.

This is one danger for the people. And it is also being championed by the Tony Blair and the British government for its own self-serving interests, but with even more "sincerity", if that were possible. Tony Blair and the Labour government have been in the forefront of promoting the reactionary and obscurantist outlook of "universal values" on which they have based their foreign policy, and which has covered over the programme to make Britain number one again in the global market. This is the meaning now of Tony Blair’s shuttle diplomacy, his embracing to the hilt the "war against terrorism" which US imperialism is orchestrating.

The strategy of Anglo-American imperialism is beginning to appear in all its naked brutality. The US must put all the Americas at its disposal, impose a single market, impose its conception of democracy and allow no other, strengthen the whole of Europe in a European Union under its own direction, and wrap its tentacles firmly around Asia, a move which it has been preparing for so long. But this in itself is giving rise to unbearable contradictions between the monopolies and the big powers, not to speak of between the rich, "western" countries, and the poor and developing nations of the world.

The issue of Islam is being made a smokescreen, the pretext having been presented, for this strategic push of Anglo-American imperialism. The concern to differentiate the vast majority of Muslims who are for peace from Islamic fundamentalism, which is supposedly the organiser of international terrorism, is itself part of this smokescreen and nothing else.

The US, Britain, NATO, Russia, the EU – all are gearing up for imperialist war abroad and reaction at home. But it is US imperialism which is putting into practice its long-term strategy for a world in its own image. The working class and people must themselves take the initiative to stop this drive to war and fascisation, and take the opportunity to advance the situation in their own favour, and appear on the scene with militancy and resolve. It is a desperate struggle which lies ahead, and the working class and people’s movements must engage in it to the full by building and strengthening their new arrangements in the course of the struggle, with the greatest confidence in its outcome if this is done.

Statement of RCPB(ML) - Oppose the Stepping Up of State Terrorism and War Preparations against the People – Defend the Rights of All – Persist in Developing the Workers’ and People’s Movements towards their Goals!

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Workers' Weekly

September 15-22 Issue of Workers’ Weekly Published

The September 15-22 issue of Workers’ Weekly, Vol.31, No.28, is published today. It is devoted to articles, letters and commentaries on the stepping up of state terrorism and war preparations by the Anglo-American imperialists and the people’s opposition to military force and the war hysteria. The lead article is the Statement of RCPB(ML) in response to the attacks on New York and Washington.

The newspaper also features a letter of September 20 to the Prime Minister, Tony Blair, from the National Spokesperson of RCPB(ML), Chris Coleman, delivered to Downing Street on September 21. The letter calls on the British government to halt its war preparations, not to ally with the war rhetoric of US President Bush, and to turn back from intervening militarily.

Also included in the newspaper is the recent Statement of Workers’ Weekly Health Group, calling on health workers and other workers not to become passive in this situation. A letter from a supporter of RCPB(ML) of Pakistani nationality demands that there should be no foreign troops in South Asia, stressing that only the peoples of the region have the right to decide on whatever issue concerns them. Workers’ Weekly also carries photographs of the demonstration and vigil in Parliament Square and at Downing Street.

See the link on the home page to take out a subscription to Workers’ Weekly.

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Gearing up for Imperialist War Abroad

Blair Pledges Britain Will Be Involved in Military Strikes

Speaking in Paris last week after talks with President Jacques Chirac before flying to the US, Tony Blair said that British forces will almost certainly be involved in any military strikes which the US-led alliance would make.

Asked directly whether Britain and France will join any military response, Jacques Chirac, who had just returned from Washington, said: "I can't see how France and Britain would not be involved if it was appropriate." Tony Blair said: "I agree entirely with that. The question of the precise response is a matter under discussion at the present time."

Asked if military action is now inevitable, Tony Blair said: "As I said, the precise nature of our response is a matter under discussion at the present time and I don't think it wise or sensible to enter into details today."

Yesterday, a British Navy destroyer was passing through the Suez Canal on its way to the Gulf. This is the first passage by a western warship since the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington.

HMS Cornwall is still taking part in military exercises with Oman, which started before September 11, but will be conveniently placed to take part in an assault on Afghanistan. A British Embassy spokesman said that Cornwall would take part in manoeuvres along with 12 other Navy ships. "It is a big operation," he claimed.

In a third concentration of forces, staff have begun arriving in Cairo for the Bright Star manoeuvres the United States and other western countries conduct with Egypt's armed forces every two years. Bright Star is scheduled to begin in October.

Use of the SAS is also widely predicted as one of the favoured tactics. Any SAS mission will most likely involve Chinook helicopters which can transport up to 30 fully armed soldiers to and from drop-off points.

Military experts have predicted that a special forces attack using the SAS or the American Delta Force would most likely be mounted by air with the troops being dropped off by helicopter.

Ten US Air Force fighter jets have already taken off from Lakenheath airbase in Suffolk. Witnesses say the planes were F15s and included a number of F15 Strike Eagle fighter-bombers.

The planes began leaving the base at around 2pm on Thursday. Witnesses say the planes were armed with missiles and left in a series of small groups.

A spokesman for the base – the biggest USAF installation in Europe – would not discuss whether Lakenheath planes were being called upon to fly to the Middle East as part of the build up of US forces. He said he could not discuss operational details.

Fighter-bombers from Lakenheath were used in the American attack on Libya 15 years ago. The base has been on high alert since September 11.

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Clare Short Dissents, But Supports Globalisation

Clare Short said last week in an interview that it is very unfortunate that President Bush has called for a crusade against the perpetrators of last week's atrocities against the US.

When asked by The Spectator whether the President was right to call for a crusade against those responsible, she said: "I think that was very unfortunate. I'm sure he didn't mean it. When you read back into the Crusades, the behaviour of the Crusaders was much less civilised than Saladin's."

The International Development minister was asked whether she was worried that America's fight-back would lead to a putting up of barriers and discrimination against immigrants. Clare Short replied: "You can't have the globalising world, which means sharing development, sharing knowledge, respecting each other, minimising war, you can't go on with that process, which can do so much to increase global prosperity, and stop people moving around. So I really think there is a danger that the terrorists and the anti-globalisation protesters will get what they want, which is to blow up world trade and to separate us. The last time this happened was the 1930s, and we all know what happened then."

Clare Short continued: "I think we all understand that America feels so angry they want to get somebody, but you can't just have lots of planes and guns and ships, and make everybody do your bidding. We were all part of Iraq, and ten years on it's not resolved and the people are suffering."

When she was asked why she did not make these points to the Prime Minister and Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon, she replied: "I do say this, rather more briefly in the Cabinet, as you would expect."

Earlier in the interview she said: " World trade doesn't just create wealth, it brings people together and the brightest and best from all over the world. People see it as an assault on America but it was also an assault on people's ability to trade and that is what globalisation is."

When she was asked what it was that these people resented about America, she replied: "I think any objective and fair person feels that the Palestinians are not getting a fair deal and that their sufferings as a people are unjust, and that the West needs to put a much bigger effort into getting a just resolution in Palestine, and that is felt very powerfully in the Arab world."

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Robertson Insists NATO Stands Firm

Labour’s former Defence Secretary George Robertson, now NATO secretary general, has dismissed suggestions that the "global coalition against terrorism" is looking wobbly.

Lord Robertson last week insisted that NATO is standing firm and that the Article 5 declaration that an attack on one of its members is an attack on all has real meaning.

Referring to doubts about France and Germany, the NATO secretary general said: "That is not my impression. I don't think that's the case at all. I watched President Chirac yesterday on television in the US, there wasn't a flicker of doubt in his mind that they would stand by the US. Chancellor Schroeder made it absolutely clear yesterday that Germany accepts not just its obligations under Article 5, but its obligations to stand by a country that has been attacked in a way that Germany and other countries could be as well."

Speaking to the BBC, Lord Robertson said, "It is no use having the capabilities of the past when you are dealing with these dangerous threats of the future. And that is why a lot of things have to be rethought. So yes, we are in for a long campaign, but if we don't win it, then I think the consequences could be catastrophic."

Yesterday, the general in charge of Germany's counter-terrorism force warned of a "bloodbath" if troops invade Afghanistan to hunt Osama bin Laden. Brigadier General Reinhard Guenzel from Germany's Special Operations Commando unit advised using heavy weaponry.

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Emergency EU Summit

European Union leaders meeting yesterday backed retaliation by US President George Bush.

According to Foreign Secretary Jack Straw, the Brussels sumit made clear that Europe accepted the legitimacy of any military riposte by the US in response to the atrocities in Washington and New York.

French President Jacques Chirac said, "We reaffirmed our full solidarity not only from the heart but also from our sense of reason. We will not sit on the sidelines of the battle against this scourge."

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Massive US Deployment of Overseas Military Forces Begins

On September 19, news sources report, the US began a massive deployment of military forces to the region surrounding Afghanistan and the Persian Gulf. US National Security Advisor Condoleeza Rice, in a press conference the same day, said, "The United States is repositioning some of its forces to support the president’s goal."

On September 20, US Army Secretary Thomas E White told reporters the army is ready to conduct "sustained land combat operations". The September 20 deployment, he said, includes Army as well as Air Force troops. "A lot more will come," he said, adding it was only the first step in a broader military plan that would unfold in the weeks ahead, news sources report.

US Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld made it clear in a news briefing at the Pentagon the morning of September 20 that no details will be given of troop deployments or their destination. He said that the aim is to deploy them wherever the President may need them. Rumsfeld called the deployment of armed forces just one aspect of the "war against terrorism" and repeatedly said it is not the only aspect or even the most significant as far as the US administration is concerned. He referred to the diplomatic measures being taken to make arrangements whereby all countries themselves make the announcement of the measures they are prepared to take. According to US Secretary of State Colin Powell, "We are very sensitive to what individual countries can do." Every country "will have to makes its individual, sovereign decision," Powell said. Some may only be able to support in principle, he said, whereas others will co-operate in sharing intelligence and up to joint military actions. Rumsfeld specifically mentioned nations which must permit the use of their territories for the activities of US covert agencies.

According to news agencies, the USS Theodore Roosevelt battle group left from Norfolk, Virginia on September 19. Navy officials told reporters the departure was a scheduled departure for the Mediterranean, but would now have a destination of "points east". US Secretary of the Navy Gordon England addressed the crew of the group, saying, "It is time for us to pick up the mantle to destroy terrorism and remove this cancer."

The battle group is comprised of 12 warships and two submarines, with three more destroyers to follow soon, and is manned by 15,000 sailors and 3,000 marines and is capable of deploying 150 planes or helicopters, including F-15, F-16, B-1 and surveillance and spy planes, news sources report. The Bataan Amphibious Ready Group is also reported to be leaving a North Carolina port September 20 carrying 2,100 marines.

The US Navy Atlantic Fleet commander Admiral Natter told reporters that the new deployments will join two other aircraft battle groups in the region, the USS Carl Vinson in the Persian Gulf and the USS Enterprise in the Indian Ocean. Based on usual personnel strength in battle groups, the new deployment would put over 60,000 US military personnel in the region.

News reports also quote a "senior defence official" as saying that B-1 and B-52 bombers are being deployed to the British controlled Indian Ocean island base of Diego Garcia. Some reports also said that F15E fighter-bombers were being deployed to operate out of Uzbekistan, which borders Afghanistan.

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Statement from Waltham Forest Health Service Trade Unionists
September 17, 2001

We are in shock and disbelief at the loss of life of many thousands of people in the suicide attacks on New York, Washington and Pennsylvania. In our work places, colleges and communities people stopped, and are still stunned as we try to absorb this reality. Words are hardly adequate to express the sense of the scale and the enormity of the events, and the profound sympathy that all feel towards those whose loved ones have been lost or injured, in these unimaginable and tragic circumstances.

Our hearts and our respect go out to our colleagues in the New York emergency and rescue services so many of whom have given their lives to save others. We, health workers and trade unionists, join our voice to the voices across the world in condemnation of this atrocious crime against people.

The war hysteria being engendered is a cause of deep concern and alarm. Military strikes against other people’s countries and dragging nations by threat into a drive to war will lead only to greater loss of life and greater tragedies. It will make the world far less safe, not more safe.

In times like these it is vital to think for ourselves, we need to be with others and discuss. We cannot accept the position "if you don’t back our solution you’re on the other side". Amidst the candles and flowers in New York’s Union Square one of the largest signs says "An eye for an eye=blindness". The notion of revenge and collective punishment is itself barbaric, punishing millions of people for the actions of a few. Our own communities also face grave dangers from the attempts to stir hostility and suspicion against whole nations or religions. We will stand firmly against any such attempts, and against war.

What people find so shocking about this atrocity is the lack of value placed on human lives, we ask how could anyone intentionally cause this amount of suffering?

Holding human life cheap, expendable for global political ends or financial profit, is, sadly, a precedent already well established by the very powers now calling for revenge. One million people have died in Iraq, most of them children, from economic sanctions and depleted uranium in the silent continuing war waged by the US and Britain. 21 million children in the poorest countries died in a period of three years because of debt to the rich countries, according to the UN human development programme. How many families have been destroyed in civil wars, or lives lost under dictatorships assisted to power, backed and armed in many instances by the west?

From experience as health workers and trade unionists it is not safe to leave vital decisions affecting our lives in the hands of either Blair or Bush. In this dangerous situation we need to be thinking for ourselves, discussing and building unity with people in this country and in others, not to be dragged into greater tragedies, to work to resolve the real underlying and critical problems our society and our world is facing. "Another world is possible!"

Statement sponsored by the following union representatives and activists in their personal capacity: Charlotte Monro UNISON, Di Green CPHVA/MSF, Sheila Smith-Pryor CDNA, Len Hockey UNISON. Feel free to add your name if you wish.

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Over the last few days the scale of the loss of lives in Tuesday’s attacks in the US, especially on the World Trade Centre, has created a deep sense of shock. Millions of people in this country feel a sympathy for the thousands of working people who died in New York and in the planes used in the attack. The pictures and voices of ordinary office workers, firefighters and construction workers in a major city has made many people feel that "this could be me or someone I know".

However, this natural and widespread feeling is also being exploited and manipulated by governments, politicians and the media. This is creating a very dangerous situation.

The way that leading politicians and the media are presenting this situation has stepped up the level of racism towards Muslim and Middle Eastern people and towards refugees. This has started in recent days, with death threats against Mosques, etc.

If this is not effectively challenged it is likely to lead to a racist backlash, which will not stop at attacking Muslims: it will threaten all black, Asian and ethnic minority people – in the same way that the witch-hunt against asylum seekers has already fostered a sharp rise in racist attacks generally.

This racism is a diversion from the most important truth about this week’s attacks, a truth that is being hidden in the media coverage and the political speeches: these attacks are the result of a situation created by the USA and its allies among the NATO powers.

The actions of western governments and big business have imposed appalling poverty and oppression on billions of people in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Latin America and the Middle East. Western governments have backed brutal regimes to stifle struggles for justice. Over the last twenty years this has got worse – just as the gap between rich and poor has got worse all over the world.

People in the Middle East feel powerless and desperate in the face of injustice and suffering, enforced by the US government with strong backing from Britain.

These governments are responding to Tuesday’s attacks by preparing for a new war in the Middle East. Since Tuesday there has been a tidal wave of war propaganda from politicians and journalists. They are trying to say "if you don’t want to be killed by terrorists, you have to support a war in the Middle East" – but the situation which led to those attacks will be made very much worse by any western military action.

The vast majority of working class, black and Asian people do not want a war, but many people are feeling overwhelmed by the way that their fears and sympathies have been manipulated this week to justify military action, even though they know the politicians are totally hypocritical.

The war-like atmosphere that is being whipped up will increase the racist backlash and will lead to new attacks on our basic rights. British government ministers are already using it to justify more repression, with asylum seekers and refugees being used as the immediate targets. They have already lumped together anti-capitalist protesters with terrorists as part of the same problem.

This is a threat to our struggle for civil rights and equality, against injustice and racism. The fight against Stop & Search and the fight to win justice for victims of police brutality will be far more difficult if the police can "justify" more repression by "the war against terrorism".

The war hysteria, racist backlash and attacks on basic rights are a real danger to working class people, youth and the black and Asian communities.

But this is not inevitable. We can counter these threats, and the most effective way is to build action against all aspects of the racism and injustice we suffer here in this country. Community defence against racist attacks can turn back the racist backlash. Community action against police brutality and harassment can turn back the assault on our basic right and liberties. And if we build a real civil rights struggle in Britain, we will deny the government the authority to take us towards war and repression.

Organise community defence against racist backlash
Organise community action against the attack on our basic rights
Stop the drive by the USA & NATO towards war in the Middle East
Build an independent, integrated civil rights movement

Statement released by the Movement for Justice on September 15, 2001


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Statement of Taleban Leader

The Taleban's council of clerics met in Kabul on Wednesday, September 19. Taleban supreme leader Mullah Mohammed Omar made the following statement to members of the council, or ulema, copies of which were posted in Islamabad:

As a result of our jihad, the Afghans have been able to establish a genuine Islamic order.

This order has greatly annoyed the enemies of religion and of the country and therefore they are striving to destroy it under various pretexts.

One of these pretexts is the presence of Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan.

We assure the whole world that Osama Bin Laden has taken no action from Afghan soil against anybody.

America's allegations that Osama Bin Laden is responsible for the incidents in Washington and New York and the lack of any evidence which has been submitted gives rise to questions: Where did he train the pilots, which airport did he use and whose aircraft did they use?

The answer is that what happened in America is an excuse – Afghanistan has no resources, nor is Osama so powerful, nor does he have contacts with the outside world and nor do we allow him to use Afghan soil against other countries.

We have lots of difficulties in our country as it is, and we have never tried to create problems with America.

We have held repeated talks with the previous and present American governments and want to hold talks even now.

We have told them that we have no problems with them and do not want to have any.

You have lots of small and powerful enemies. You must not use Afghanistan as a scapegoat after every incident and because of failures of your security systems and must not blame the weakness of your intelligence on the Afghans.

We have informed them also that we have severed all Osama's communication links and he cannot have contact with the outside world.

We have told America that we deny Osama's involvement in the latest incidents in America.

But, unfortunately, America answers all our arguments and words very carelessly and arrogantly.

They permanently warn us, accuse us of various alleged wrongdoings, interfere in our internal affairs and, finally, threaten us with war and military operations.

However, we repeatedly put forwards proposals concerning ways of solving Osama Bin Laden's issue.

We have told America that if it has any evidence of Osama Bin Laden's guilt, it should be given to the Supreme Court of Afghanistan, so that we can take action in the light of it.

America has rejected all this.

If America uses force and attacks Afghanistan, our innocent and suppressed people will suffer for nothing.

We have proposed to America to let representatives of the Organisation of Islamic Conference come to Afghanistan to assess Osama Bin Laden's activities for its satisfaction.

But this has been rejected by America also.

If they had considered this and taken some steps, there would have been no room for so much mistrust.

We again deny that Osama Bin Laden had a hand in the incidents in the USA and we call upon the USA to contemplate this issue and search for correct information.

If the American Government has some problems with the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan they should be solved through negotiations.

Efforts should be made for finding the truth about the incidents.

We assure the whole world that Osama Bin Laden has taken no action from Afghan soil against anybody.

If America uses force and attacks Afghanistan, our innocent and suppressed people will suffer for nothing and the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan will be destroyed.

In this regard, I ask you, honourable scholars, for guidance and a fatwa.

In the light of this fatwa we can adopt a code of conduct.

I look forward to you, respected scholars, issuing a fatwa in the light of holy Shariah.

Source: BBC News Online

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Cuba Reiterates Call for a World Awareness against Terrorism

Given the persistence of US belligerent language, Cuban experts repeated their government’s call to create a world awareness against terrorism and not to encourage more violence to fight that scourge.

During two hours, the panellists of the habitual Round Table, broadcast by the Island media, analysed the existing situation in US territory after the attacks in several cities, considered the worst in the history of humankind.

According to the analysts, not a few Washington government executives, including President George Bush, are calling their citizens to war as the only choice and a reprisal for the dramatic events reported Tuesday, September 11.

"World peace hangs by a thread," confirmed Randy Alonso after commenting on preparations for a US invasion of an Arab country – particularly Afghanistan, where Osama Bin Laden of Saudi origin lives, who is considered by US authorities the main suspect for organising the attacks against the Twin Towers and the Pentagon.

Alonso read several news agency reports telling about sending fighter planes, marines, and other naval means including warships and missile carriers to the conflict zone.

According to the panellist, the US government’s actions of punishment for the attacks is not based on concrete evidence against a particular foe, because they are following thousands of clues still without positive results.

"War can’t be the choice to face terrorism. Cuba has stated its position; not everything is lost, there’s still a chance for peace, and bloodshed would be saved," Alonso said when finishing the round table.

He also said political will is necessary to avoid an outbreak of war, as president Fidel Castro said from the beginning, when confirming "none of today’s problems can be solved by force". "No global power, nor technological or military one can guarantee total immunity to such events, so the international community’s effort must be to put an end to these conflicts," he said.

He stated that it is not war or force, only reason, intelligent policy searching for the truth as consensus, in which – he quoted – "international public can erase the problem".

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China’s Stand

On September 18, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Zhu Bangzao answered questions regarding international terrorism and the US’s response to the September 11 attacks, the ministry reports.

Asked if China would support the use of US and NATO military forces against Afghanistan without UN or Security Council backing, the spokesman answered: "On this question, I wish to make three points:

"First, China opposes all sorts of terrorism and supports attacks on terrorists.

"Secondly, the attacks on terrorists should be built upon valid evidence. The action should have clear targets, without harming the innocent civilians.

"Thirdly, it should follow the UN Charter and help strengthen the role of the UN and its Security Council. China is ready to discuss any proposals at the Security Council that will be conducive to the fight against terrorism."

In response to another question, the spokesman pointed out that China and the US "are members of a series of international treaties against terrorism. China will earnestly honour its obligations and will be ready to enhance her co-operation with the United States in this area." He added, "Terrorists are common enemies against the international community. They must be punished by law. At the same time, we hold that anti-terrorism measures should be based upon the purposes and principles of the UN Charter and other norms governing international relations."

Asked about the US stance toward terrorist attacks within China, the spokesman said, "China, like other members of the international community, opposes all sorts of terrorism. In this field, there should be no double standards. All terrorism should be cracked down. International co-operation should be enhanced."

The spokesman was also asked if, as an exchange for support to the United States, China would wish the United States to stop or reduce its arms sales to Taiwan. The spokesman responded, "We have always opposed to US arms sales to Taiwan. There are three joint communiqués between China and the United States. We ask the United States to honour the three communiqués, act prudently on the Taiwan issue and follow its relevant commitments by stopping arms sales to Taiwan. This is our consistent position. We are not doing any bargains on the issue of anti-terrorism."

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Stand shoulder to shoulder for peace & justice.
No more violence

Saturday 22nd September, 2.00 p.m.

All welcome. Please wear black. No banners. No placards. No chanting.

Called by Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.

ALSO OUTSIDE DOWNING STREET Tuesday 25th, 6.00 p.m.

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