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Publications Resume in 2001!

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Publications Resume in 2001!

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Publications Resume in 2001!

The Editorial Board of Workers’ Weekly and Workers’ Daily Internet Edition is very pleased to announce the resumption of the Party’s publications in 2001.

Workers’ Weekly, Vol.31, No.1, dated January 6, 2001, has been published. Subscribers should receive their copies by this coming weekend. Among other articles, there is coverage of the marking of the New Year and the New Millennium by socialist Cuba, DPRK and Vietnam.

Workers’ Daily Internet Edition is consolidating its coverage as a five-day-a-week Internet newspaper, aimed at organising the advanced forces in society.

Issue Number 2 of Safeguarding the Future of the NHS, the bulletin of the Workers’ Weekly Health Group, is being posted on the web site today. Please follow the link on the home page.

The Workers and Politics link is also being updated, and the Youth & Students Page, the site of Workers’ Weekly Youth Group will be updated shortly with an account of the intervention of WWYG at the National Consultative Conference 2000 of RCPB(ML).

For three articles giving an all-round account of the National Consultative Conference 2000, see WDIE Year 2000 Nos. 211-213.

This period, as we enter 2001, is one of the continuation and consolidation of the work of the Party, as well as preparing to intervene in the political life of the country, as resolved at the National Consultative Conference. The Editorial Board pledges to contribute to the utmost in this important and historic work, in the context of consolidating the mass character of the Party Press.

We wish all our readers, contributors and disseminators every success in their work in 2001!

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